How to Throw an Awesome DIY Party

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Special events in life deserve a great party! Many people are intimidated by the idea of throwing a party for a whole host of reasons. It is costly to hire a planner and all the vendors it will take to invite, feed, and decorate for your guests. But fear not—with some research and skill, you can plan your own party!

DIY parties are easier than ever because a little research can take you a long way. You can craft your own invitations and decorations, and you can make many of the refreshments. Yes, it is work, but it is also a lot of fun, and it can help you bring out your creative side!

Whether it is a child’s birthday, a sweet sixteen or a quinceañera, or even a wedding, you can handle the party planning without the added expense of a party planner.

Children’s Parties

Once upon a time, a child’s birthday party consisted of dime-store invitations, pointy hats, a cake, and pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey game. Now, birthday parties and seasonal gatherings have become far more extravagant. There are so many themes and pricey decorations available. You can create your own theme by crafting clever invitations and decorations, baking your own cake, and researching online for fun games.

For planning a child’s party, make a checklist to help you get started. For the invitations and decorations, there are so many affordable craft materials available that you should have no trouble finding everything you need. Scour Pinterest for ideas. You can create your invitations yourself or use one of the many templates available online.

For decorations and party favors, all you need are the right craft materials. Sometimes, all it takes are some card stock, bags and stencils, tissue, or ribbons. You can try stenciled goody bags, balloon decorations, and other ideas that you can easily make in an evening. Again, Pinterest is a great source of inspiration.

There are cake ideas online, or your grocery-store bakery may have some inexpensive cakes available. Let your child choose the flavor and design!

Kids aren’t picky—just have plenty of pretzels and salty snacks available. Consider at least one gluten-free snack and a small vegetable tray for those children with special dietary needs. Punch is easy to make with clear soda and some sherbet.

Lastly, research and find a few games that appeal to the age-group you are inviting. Small children love a “fishing” booth, where they can fish for small prizes. Older kids always enjoy a scavenger hunt or a similar game that requires teamwork. Some great games involve little or no expense.

Quinceañera or Sweet-Sixteen Parties

A quinceañera, or a sweet-sixteen party, is an important milestone. Generally speaking, a quinceañera is a far more elaborate affair than a sweet sixteen, and you may need to peek ahead for ideas, because these special parties can rival a wedding in planning. While the invitations and decorations will be different in character, the sources of inspiration and craft materials will be essentially the same as those for a child’s party.

You don’t need a DJ or a band; just sign up for a music streaming service that allows for a free trial period to eliminate ads. Then create a playlist.

Or if you want something unique, throw her a mystery party. Create your own mystery, or use one of the online mystery party sites.

Food Is Key

The food will necessarily be more elaborate for teen and adult parties. Try some great hors d’oeuvres. For large gatherings, food may be a primary expense, but you can still make your own or enlist your friends and family to help. Make a day of it, and have some fun!


The most terrifying DIY party is the dreaded wedding reception! Save a bundle with DIY invitations. Pocket wedding invites are popular because they keep the information cards handy and accessible. Find a good source for your materials, and print or craft your own invitations using one of the many available templates.

Don’t forget the napkins too! One fun tradition is to have beautiful paper napkins printed with the names of the bride and groom. You can also design your own centerpieces. If you need more inspiration, check out wedding blogs for additional DIY wedding ideas.

You Can Do It!

You will be surprised at what you can do with a little inspiration! Finding affordable craft materials, good recipes, and fun activities is the key. Don’t be afraid to create your own fun!

You don’t need a planner to have a great party! Get organized, and do it yourself! They can be fun and inexpensive to plan if you have the right resources. With a little research, you can throw a party for the ages!




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