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Lifestyle Accessories to Augment Your Professionalism

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As we work up in business, starting at the bottom of the company ladder before a series of promotions puts us in managerial shoes, we’re reminded that professionalism is an important part of success. It’s how you present yourself, like your own personal PR firm, that can make the difference between a good word being dropped about you at a board meeting. Knowing which lifestyle accessories will enhance your professional persona and reputation is, therefore, a key driver of success, and this quick guide will highlight just some of the changes you can make to get yourself noticed and remembered.


 Beginning with the most obvious, what you wear is the most important thing you’ll have to consider in your early career. Even in the new-age dress-down office, you’ll still want to appear smart, well-groomed, clean and tidy as these all reflect personal qualities that are desirable in the workplace, like punctuality, good planning, organizational skills and good hygiene. Make sure you’re dressed to impress at all times, without so much of a crease or a coffee stain in sight. Characterful socks make a nice touch on men; for women, classy jewelry and understated makeup.


 Downscaling in the glamor somewhat, an impressive array of stationary at one’s desk will imply to all that visit your office territory that you’re on the ball and taking the job seriously. Yes, most offices provide their own – often budget – basic stationary, but when it comes to complex note-taking, memo-sending, and organization, it pays to operate on your own bespoke and professional system. You won’t have to spread it out for all to see: this sort of thing gets noticed, and even a classy set of pens will set you aside as a diligent, committed worker with something more in their locker.


 Many people arrive to work on public transport, or on foot or bicycle. While this is all well and good, you’ll not be able to turn up to work looking groomed and ready to start the working day if you’re sweating from running for the bus, or if your hair’s a nightmare after the application of a bike helmet. A quality business-like car, like those found at a Lexus Glasgow dealership, will get you to work on time without fail every day, and will reflect the right sort of professional qualities that you’ll want to extend to all those around you while in your place of work.

Business Gear

 This covers everything from a briefcase to an umbrella; a classy overcoat to a stylish over-the-shoulder laptop bag. Bear in mind that while your clothing should express your individuality in subtle but pointed ways – adding colors and patterns to your standard business attire – your additional business gear needs to be as standard, yet attractive, as possible. Black leather will never go out of fashion for bags, for instance. You’ll be meeting clients with these business essentials in tow, so ensure you give off a professional vibe by sticking to the classic designs.

There you have it: some quick tips to enhance your professionalism in the workplace through subtle lifestyle accessory choices.

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