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Now, when Windows 10 more and more appears on our systems, it’s hard to believe, but 15 years ago, archivers were one of the most necessary programs installed by users on their computers. These were the times when even 100GB on the hard disk was the limit of dreams, and an exceptional, accessible removable storage of information was a disk with a volume of only 1.44 MB. Such figures are absolutely capable of clarifying to the current generation, for which the archiver programs were applied. With their support, PC users were eager to save at least a bit of storage space. It would seem that today, when already a 32-gigabyte flash drive is not able to hit, the time of the archivers has finally gone. However, this is not so. Of course, now these programs are not as needed as they used to be, but they are still necessary and applied. Therefore, it is important to know which archiver you need to download, although most choose free WinRAR or WinZip.

In fact, the archiver, even for Windows 10, may be required in many cases:

  1. To unpack some downloaded program.
  2. To create one archive with documents and files when they are sent by e-mail.
  3. To protect files from third-party. The fact is that this program allows you to set a password for the archive. Access to the data will be managed only by the owner of this password.
  4. For some, the space saving is also significant. This is especially true when compressing a large number of text files.

Of course, in times of large and affordable spaces for data storage, archivers have become less in demand, but they are necessary for the former way. Companies selling their archivers, of course, continue to stay afloat. But now they are changing their priorities a little: only for the creation of archives in Windows 10, no one will pay money. Today they, together with the archival functionality, offer cleaning and optimizing the productivity of your computer, working with backups, protecting images with watermarks and much more. But we just need an archiver, right?

Probably, the most famous in the world free archiver, fully compatible with Windows 10, is 7-Zip. This free program for file compression has a number of advantages:

  • it is completely free;
  • has open source code;
  • regularly updated;
  • supports all the most famous archive formats;
  • works quickly and without failures.

With all this, the 7-Zip is very lightweight (only 1.31 MB – the same WinZip weighs 77 meters).

It’s fascinating that the compression ratio of the ZIP format in 7-Zip is even 2-10% higher than in the WinZip program itself. In some international ratings, this free-of-charge archiver for its main functionality (compression percentage) bypasses the most viable of its paid rivals.

The only drawback is the lack of support for the RAR format for compression. This cannot be considered critical, because the free 7-Zip program still can unpack the RAR archives, and it’s possible to save them in the increasingly popular ZIP format.

7-Zip has a version for both 32-bit architecture and 64-bit. If you do not know what to prefer, then we recommend reading articles on this topic, where the functions of different archivers are described in detail. To create and unpack an archive in 7-Zip is most comfortable by clicking on the right object with the right mouse button and preferring the corresponding item. If you enter “file” when clicking on a folder or file, then in a short time you will see an archive with the selected content. To ensure greater compatibility when creating an archive, it’s more useful to use the ZIP format, not 7z.

For those who do not approve the 7-Zip program for some reason, we can recommend two more options: either download and install a long-known WinRAR, or install another free archiver compatible with Windows 10. If you are going to download this program for your Windows 10, then on the download page select the file with the language and localization you need (32 or 64 bits). As for the other, in addition to 7-Zip, there are other free archivers in open source for Windows 10, that is, two more programs: WinAce and IZArc. These archivers also proved to be quite good among others.


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