Top Things to Do When Vacationing in Bhopal

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Bhopal is the capital of Madhya Pradesh and is located between two stunning man-made lakes. The city has the right blend of culture, heritage as well as modern life. It is home to some majestic mosques which exhibit classic Mughal architecture. Some examples of this stunning Mughal architecture include such as the Moti Masjid and Taj-Ul-Masjid, which is one of the biggest mosques in India.

Other than some brilliant mosques, the city will also catch your attention through its museums, incredibly beautiful havelis along with Nawabi food that is loved and relished by many foodies. Also, Bhopal is also a cultural hub of India with some of the remarkable art performing centres in the city.

Popularly referred to as ‘City of Lakes’, Bhopal is considered the ‘Greenest city in India’ and consist of various tourist spots for the vacationers. This sprawling city which steps into the future with a rich heritage along with a vibrant history has already given you enough reasons to book your Delhi to Bhopal flights as soon as possible and visit all these spots.

Here is a list of exciting things you can do in Bhopal:

Visit the National Museum of Mankind

Also famous as Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya, this museum was established back in 1985. Spread over 200 acres, this tourist attraction is located on Shyamala Hills. The museum is well designed and reflects the revolution of mankind. Also known as the Tribal Habitat Museum, tourists enjoy knowing about the various tribal cultures that are prevalent across India. Other than that, the life-size presentation of their dwellings gives an insight to the unique architectural features belonging to the tribals. Furthermore, the museum has fantastic collections that signify tribal culture from different parts of the country.

Shopping in Bhopal

Besides sightseeing, shopping in the busy markets and souvenir shops in New Market and Old City in Bhopal should be on the bucket list of every tourist visiting this city. Bhopal offers you the chance to indulge in a shopping spree as there are plenty of shops offering different varieties of products at reasonable prices. Some of the most fantastic places to shop in Bhopal include Bittan Market Haat, DB City Mall, Ashima Mall, Gandhi Market, Chowk Bazaar, and Century 21 Mall.

Foods to Try in Bhopal

The cuisine in Bhopal owes a great deal to the prolonged Muslim rule in the area. There are various types of keemas and kebabs in Bhopal Cuisine. Some of the best spicy meat dishes that you must try in Bhopal are spicey achar gosht, korma, biriyani pilaf, succulent kebabs, and keema. Even though Bhopal is famous for its exquisite meat dishes, there are also various vegetarian dishes which are loved here, such as pulaos and veg kebabs. Some of the preparations which are famous throughout the country and are considered exclusive are Bhopali paan, sheek kebab, and bafla.

Visit Taj ul Masajid

Taj-ul-Masajid is ranked amongst the largest mosques in not only India but also in Asia. The mosque covers sprawling 23312 square feet of land. The idea of making this mosque was initiated by Sultan Shah Jahan, but due to lack of funds, its construction was not completed during her reign. Instead, the construction of the mosque was completed in the year 1971 by Allama Mohammad, Imran Khan, and Nadwi Azhari. Now the mosque attracts visitors worldwide, thanks to imposing size, intricately carved pillars, and pink façade.

Visit the Most Iconic Lake

Considered the biggest lake in Bhopal, Upper Lake was found in the 11th century. The water of the lake is believed to have healing powers and is known to cure various skin conditions. Located in the city’s heart, it has a small island at the centre. Apart from being an immensely useful water body, this lake also has a boat club which offers you to enjoy cruising on rowing boats, paddling boats and also speedboats.

So, do not wait anymore and book your Delhi to Bhopal flights to know what the hype in this city is all about!

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