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10 Gorgeous Pearl Jewels for a Perfect Bridal Look

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Your bridal jewelry should make you look like a princess, without clashing against your wedding ring, veil, dress, your personal style, or your facial features. While brides usually prefer diamonds, you should know that pearls are all the rage right now and for all the good reasons. Women finally stopped believing the myth saying pearls bring bad luck at weddings, as they learned pearls actually symbolize purity, strength, happiness, unity, and wealth.

Pearl bridal jewelry surprises us today with a mix of classic, modern, with timeless pieces, and breathtaking contemporary designs. If you are looking for gems that enhance the tone of your skin, make your eyes shine, and turn you into an icon of femininity and delicacy, let us look at 10 amazing pearl jewels for the perfect bridal look!

1. Classic Pearl Choker

The classic white pearl choker necklace comes with an intrinsic grace and timeless femininity few other jewelry can match. The pearl choker is a versatile piece, so you can integrate it in a bohemian bridal attire, or in an exquisite and elegant bridal look. As a piece of advice, if you choose a pearl choker, you should pay attention to all other accessories – earrings, tiara, etc., so they do not clash against each other.

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2. Designer Pearl Earrings

As we said, modern pearl earrings come in amazing contemporary designs that astound you and the audience alike. If you pick oversized pearl earrings, make sure you do not wear them together with chunky necklaces or other large pearl accessories for your hair. Let such gorgeous earrings stand out by themselves. As you probably know, large chandelier pearl earrings require a bridal bun or a lifted hairdo to enhance the beauty of your neck, cleavage, and earpieces.

However, no matter what model you choose, always go for authentic pearl earrings. Cheap imitations, even if they come in astounding designs, can only ruin your bridal look.

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3. Multi-Strand Pearl Bracelet

You can find one-strand pearl bracelets or multi-strand ones. An elegant strapless wedding dress works amazing with a multi-strand pearl bracelet (in five or six strands for a glamorous look) and a pair of stud pearl earrings in the same color. The attire looks elegant, composed, and feminine, enhancing your best features, but not being overly flashy. An exquisite choice for young women who praise natural beauty. If you want to add some spark to your bridal look, focus on colored pearls in delicate overtones such as silver, champagne, rose gold and even lavender.

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4. The Princess Tiara

An elegant, exquisite, and complex bridal look usually includes an amazing veil and a gorgeous tiara. If this princess crown features pearls, diamonds, and precious metals, you are going to make a memorable impression. Such bridal accessories go great with simpler pearl pieces (necklace and earrings) so they do not clash against each other. However, as we will see immediately, you can go a bit further and match glamorous pieces for a total WOW effect.

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5. The Designer Bridal Set

Speaking of taking things up a few notches, if you want to look like the brides featured on magazine covers, then your go-to choice is a designer wedding pearl set. By this, we mean a necklace Princess Diana would create and wear, featuring precious pearls, diamonds and crystals, other precious stones, refined precious metals, all in out of this world montages. For such a necklace, you need matching earrings – oversized and striking – together with matching hairpins or veil pins. The overall effect is unforgettable.

6. Multi-Strand Necklace with Brooch

When you look for a pearl necklace for your bridal attire, consider the brooch as well. Brooches are versatile accessories that can style up any pearl necklace or other type of bridal necklace. The best way to add some oomph to your bridal look is to match a multi-strand pearl princess necklace with a brooch in pearls, diamonds, and even other precious stones for a spark of color and shine.

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7. Mixed Pearl Necklaces

You can stack a few simple white pearl necklaces for a white simple wedding dress and spice things up with a necklace in golden pearls. In case you did not know, you can opt for the rare, amazing, and valuable golden South Sea pearls in breathtaking sizes and luscious, surreal overtones. A dash of gold in your bridal attire will enhance your skin tone and add the exact amount of glamour you need.

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8. Bridal Pearl Hairpiece

A bridal hairpiece – a beautiful hair clip for instance – with pearls, crystals, flowers, or feathers is a thing of beauty. You can find such an exquisite accessory in specialized bridal shops. You can use it to finish your bridal bun or to clip your veil in a unique manner. The piece is versatile and sweet and it works great with pearl stud earrings.

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9. Colored Pearls Jewelry

Pearl jewelry featuring colored pearls (Tahitian, Freshwater, and South Sea) are valuable, rare, exquisite, expensive, and breathtaking. You have to pay attention when you want to match your bridal attire to a colored pearl piece of jewelry. The dress should share the color foundation of the pearl accessory, so dress and jewelry do not stand against each other. For a colored pearl bracelet, you may consider an ivory, cream, champagne, or pink dress and golden encasings for your other jewelry.

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10. Gothic Chic Bridal Pearl Bracelets

Some brides prefer to express their personal styles and personalities at their weddings without compromise. For this reason, some choose oversized, gothic and metal style accessories with pearls, other stones, metal chains, and even ribbons. Two symmetric bracelets, each on one hand, mixing the femininity of pearls with the roughness of black silk ribbons make any unconventional bride stand out from the crowd.

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What are your favorite bridal pearl jewelry and accessories? What would you wear at your wedding?

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