9 Ways Your Styling Habits Could Be Causing You to Lose Your Hair

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You spend time styling your hair for a very simple reason. You want your hair to always look its best. What if you realized that you are actually doing more harm than good when you style it? It’s true. You can actually cause your hair to fall out based on the way you style it. Check out some styling habits that cause hair to fall out, and then make some changes so you can have beautiful, full hair.

1.  Too Many Ponytails, Buns, and Braids

Don’t you love just throwing your hair into a ponytail and going on with your day? It might make your life easier at the moment, but all that pulling on your hair’s roots can lead to disaster. Don’t pull your hair back too often, or you won’t have much hair to pull back down the road. As a bonus, your head might feel better in general when you stop pulling your hair back. Tightly pulled hair can lead to headaches, so keep it down as much as possible.

2. Brushing Your Hair Too Much

Somewhere along the way, someone you trusted told a big lie. This person told you that you need to brush your hair 100 times before you go to bed. This person didn’t lie to you out of hatefulness. She really believed it to be true. In fact, this myth has been spread far and wide for years and years.

Here’s the truth. Too much brushing strains your scalp. A strained scalp isn’t good at holding onto hair, so your hair will end up falling out.

Brush your hair enough to get your favorite style, but don’t overdo it.

3. Washing Your Hair with Dry Shampoo

First things first. Dry shampoo isn’t the way to go if you want to look your best. How can a product that contains talc, cornstarch, and alcohol really do a decent job of washing your hair? Now, if you’re on bedrest and can’t possibly make your way to the shower, go ahead and use it. Go with real shampoo at all other times, though. Your hair will look so much cleaner, and it will also stay in your head. See, dry shampoo has a way of building up in your hair. That puts a lot of stress on your hair, and it’ll end up breaking.

4. Applying Heat Without Protection

Did you know there are protective products out there that help your hair handle heat? Always apply these products before using heat to style your hair. Use protection religiously if you want to keep your hair on your head.

5. Getting Crazy with the Towel

This is probably how your routine goes. You get out of the shower, grab the towel, and start rubbing your hair dry. All that friction can cause your hair to fall out. Wring your hair out instead of rubbing it with the towel.

6. Overtreating Hair

What gal doesn’t like a nice color or blowout from time to time? It’s fine in moderation, but if you get too many treatments, your hair will dry out and become rough. That, of course, can lead to hair loss. Limit your treatments, including flat iron use.

7. Using the Hairdryer Too Much

You love your trusty hairdryer. It’s been there for you through thick and thin, including some questionable haircuts. It would never steer you wrong, right?


You shouldn’t even turn your hairdryer on until your hair is at least 70 percent dry. Otherwise, it can damage your hair and make it fall out.

8. Failing to Use a Pro for Extensions and Weaves

You watched a YouTube video, and now you know how to put in extensions and weaves. Problem solved, right?


Failing to use a professional could cause you to lose a significant amount of hair. There is a science to putting in extensions and weaves, so leave it to the pros. It’s your stylist’s job to put the extension or weave in for you, and it’s your job to rock the look.

9. Using Too Much Heat

Do you like to turn up the heat when using your flat iron? That is awful on your hair. Set it as low as it can go so you don’t fry your hair. Your scalp will thank you.

Start Styling Your Hair the Right Way

If you follow these tips, your hair will be healthier and more luxurious. You’ll feel like a whole new person and have more confidence than ever before.

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