Best Practices for Landing a Date from a Hookup App

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Whether you are looking for a relationship, a casual affair or just a one night stand, a dating app can help you get what you want. These apps make dating and hookups seem like a piece of cake. You choose the people that you are interested in, and if the two of you match, you should be off to your first date. However, things are not that simple, and there are many things that can go wrong. Some people have problems getting matches, others have numerous matches but they can seem to start an interesting conversation, and it can take a lot of hard work to turn a match into a date, and an eventual hookup. However, don’t worry, as we are here to teach you some tips and tricks, and you will be on your way to your next date sooner than you could even imagine.

Creating your profile

Most free hookup apps require only a picture to create a profile. For safety reasons, some apps also require a phone number or a social media account. The main picture that you choose is the most important element of your profile, so choose it wisely. You can also add several other pictures, or you can connect the app to your social media account and have the pictures updated automatically. Whether you opt for a connection with the social media account, or you manually choose the pictures that you want to upload, try to use descriptive photos that show that you lead an interesting life, and that you are a person worth knowing. Aside from the pictures, you should also write a description. This isn’t a mandatory step, but the description is a great chance to make a good first impression. Just write a few lines about yourself, or use a quote that means something to you.

Getting matches

If you have an interesting profile, you shouldn’t have any problems getting matches. However, you will have higher chances of getting matches if you use the app in the evenings, when more people are available. Friday and Saturday night are particularly busy, since most single people are looking for something fun to do. Some apps offer paid accounts which increase your chances of getting matches by offering you more visibility. This is an option worth considering if you are not getting enough matches.

Starting the conversation

If you have matched with someone, you shouldn’t wait too long before starting the conversation. In fact, if you have time, you should start texting the moment that you matched, since at that moment, your match has a high interest in you. If you wait too long, you might get lost between dozens of other matches. When texting people avoid cheesy pickup lines, and instead try to be personal. Write something that shows that you have studied the profile of your match, and if you can manage to be funny from the first text, you will increase your chances of getting a date considerably. If you don’t know how to start the conversation use a suggestive GIF.

The right way to ask for a date

The trick to landing a date is to not let too much time pass between texts. End your texts with questions to get the other person to open up a little and don’t wait more than a couple of days to ask for a date, otherwise your connection might get cold and boring. To increase your chances of landing a date, propose something fun that few people would be able to refuse. Dinner and a movie makes for a boring and awkward date, but a picnic in the park or a night in a dance club can be a lot more relaxing and entertaining. Try to learn something about the people with whom you are chatting, and use that info to propose a date that they would really enjoy.

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