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There are moments in life when everything seems to be going wrong. Everyone hits a period of bad luck. But not everyone chooses to let it pass. Most of us probably still hope for a save and reload function like in a video game, so that if you accidentally screwed up something you can replay the same story without making the same mistake again. Admittedly, it’s fair to say that if life came with such digital functions, most people would spend their time trying to improve their current score over and over again.

You didn’t get promoted? No problem. You can just go back a few months and give it another go, especially now that you know what challenges are to come. Of course, your competitors could do the same thing too.

Are you going through a traumatic breakup? Why not go back in time and ensure that you never meet each other? This could save you a lot of tears and heartsore in the long term. But there’s no guarantee of what your new life would be if you choose a different path.

Ultimately, the world might just turn into an endless loop of save and replay scenes, where everyone is trying to outdo each other. You might be able to cheat death forever, but is there any way of leveling up in this new life?

Fortunately, there is no such save and load function in life. But it doesn’t you can’t take a new start. You can reboot your life to escape problems or a difficult situation, or just to follow your luck. All it takes is to change locations.

Reboot 101

Why should you want to change countries?

Let’s put it plainly. There is no Ctrl+Alt+Del function in life. But there’s nothing stopping you from looking for a fresh start. Brutal life events can make you think that your life as you know it has come to an end. For some people, the tragic death of a loved one is a traumatic situation that reminds them of their own mortality. Life feels too short, and there is so much you wanted to do before the great clock in the sky ring your final hour. The grief and the shock that follows the event could inspire you to travel, and why not move abroad. Or maybe you’ve been fired suddenly, and you’re facing a dilemma. You want to find a job that inspires you, but you don’t want to stay in town. This can be quickly resolved: There are plenty of other cities, plenty of opportunities everywhere. What’s keeping you in one place? From changing region to trying out your luck in a new country, the only difference is how far you choose to travel. And ultimately, how far you want to go is often inspired by the gravity of the challenges you face. The more brutal the event, the easier you’ll find to go abroad to clear your mind and re-energize your life.

Look out for opportunities

Admittedly, there is a big difference between feeling the desire to leave trauma behind you and knowing where to go. You have to pick a direction when you decide to go, whether it’s abroad, or whether you’re merely changing state within the U.S. Unless you already have your heart set on a place, you need to start looking for opportunities that can help you to restart your life. For instance, if you’re still studying, you can check international MBA studies at a foreign university, which could give you the possibility to learn a new language at your own pace – most international studies are in English. Or you could apply for a job abroad if you prefer to have a professional motivation. Check with global companies if they have roles in Europe, or even in Asia.

Can you make a new start?

Depending on how far you choose to move, you might need to get rid of most of your belongings. If you’re moving overseas, it’s fair to say that you won’t need to take your car and your furniture with you. It would be too expensive to transport to a new country across the ocean. However, if you’re only moving across the border, you might want to arrange with an international moving company to get your boxes across. You might need to secure a storage facility abroad until you can find the right property for your requirements – as a tenant or as a buyer. For short- and medium-distance moves, it’s often a good idea to keep your vehicle as it makes the journey easier. Additionally, you can register a car outside of the US, once you’ve got a proof of address abroad – this will help you to change the reg number. Finally, if you’ve lived in a busy city until now, make the most of your new adventure to wave goodbye to the public transports and check with used cars dealerships what the best option for you is. As a rule of the thumb, you’ll find it easier to reboot your life if you have your own mean of transportation.

Give yourself all the chances to integrate

If you’ve decided to move to an area you don’t know, you have to make an effort to get to know your new location. You can’t afford to isolate yourself as an expat, or even as someone moving to the neighbor state. You need to get in touch with the local community and build your network. This will help you to smooth most obstacles out of your way, as most communities are happy to help if they feel you are genuinely interested in the area. If you choose to move abroad, you need to stop speaking English as a proxy language. Foreign countries have their own language, and people will respect you if you learn to speak it. Being fluent can be challenging at first, but you’ll soon discover that there are classes to learn the local lingo everywhere. To boost your chances, you need to immerse yourself in the foreign culture.

Are there other costs?

Moving abroad can come at a high emotional cost, especially if you have a close group of friends or if you are leaving your family behind. You need to take the time to say your goodbyes before your leave, especially as this will allow you to get some closure on your relationships. Organizing a party with your friends and relatives can be an easy way to address the situation, for instance. Make it a priority to spend a little time with everyone, so that you don’t regret anything when you leave. Additionally, you can invite them once you’ve settled in your new life!

It’s a chance to build a new you

What do you gain by moving to a new place? Whether you move abroad or whether you move to a distant state, this reboot gives you the occasion to reinvent who you want to be. It’s a particularly positive situation when you’re going through traumatic events that affect you at a personal level. You can choose to build a stronger self. You can create new habits that can stick more easily with you in a fresh environment. Besides, you can also boost your self-confidence. Moving to a new place alone takes a lot of courage. You can look at yourself proudly in the mirror because you ‘did it’, because you succeeded in creating a new life in a different place. As a result, you are less afraid of new experiences and challenges. If you managed to make it work abroad, you could do anything.

In conclusion, there’s no shame in wanting to start fresh again. More importantly, moving to a place you don’t know can help you to find the confidence you need to grow personally, emotionally and even professionally. It’s your reboot 101 for success.







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