Casinos Turn to Virtual Reality

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Casinos are always up for new ways to gain more visitors excited to casino games. The latest technology is the virtual reality or in other words, VR, which is tested by people that compete with each other in VR tournaments.

Virtual reality is a technology that is considered as the next frontier of online gambling. The tech is an interactive computer-generated experience that is taking place within a simulated environment. People can sit at a virtual table, or a virtual VIP lounge looking out at a window at a cityscape designed to look like the popular cities in the world, or anywhere the imagination takes you. Major video games companies like Sony, Microsoft, Ubisoft are developing products for VR, and tech giants like Google and Samsung are joining in with their VR kit. So its pretty typical for the casinos to have a VR technology as well.

Gaming in a Virtual World

Think of a little skill-based game, like poker, but in VR. Boyd Gaming is the first company that created The Orleans, which is the first casino to have in the Virtual Zone. Virtual Zone is a place inside The Orleans Hotel and Casino, which features a game of single-player and multiplayer archery.

Casinos in Virtual Reality

Betting in casinos has already moved away from a traditional casino floor and virtual reality could be an extension of them. Casinos are now rolling games like poker, blackjack, slots and is adding additional digital casino games. Virtual reality could take the experience to a whole new level. Imagine playing poker against a few numbers of players from your room, or placing bets at a table with a virtual dealer. It could also be possible to bring casino-style gambling to those outside of it and it could be more desirable and interactive than playing a game on your computer.

VR Slot Games

The prospect of a VR slot game market could rival the online and mobile equivalent slots. Image playing slot games, like Sizzling Hot Deluxe, in a virtual reality casino. This kind of reality looks closer than we think. Developers have already launched a number of exciting games at VR casinos that give hope to slot fans out there. There is already a number of classic casino table games such as roulette, blackjack, craps, poker that have given players a taste of what is to come. In 2017 at ICE Gaming conference, a Scandinavian slots developer confirmed that they will develop a large number of creative VR slots that will be offered to the VR casinos.

Sooner or later, VR slot games are becoming a reality. Developers have already launched a number of appealing games for virtual reality casinos. These projects give hope to the slot fans out there.

Classic casino table games such as roulette, blackjack, craps, poker are so popular that players have already tasted a VR experience with these games. If VR slots can leave such a positive impression, imagine how beneficial it will be for the slot games. This company is at the forefront of VR slots. They are taking pieces of advice from the  fans of the slot games and convert them into Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Google Cardboard is showing to other developers that existing titles can give a chance by allowing online and mobile slots transfer to the VR platform. There is already a speculation from the slot players, that online slots could be the next for the virtual reality.

Pushing the Limits

It makes sense that virtual reality would be an attractive fun alternative to its users.  Tournaments are an interesting starting point, then we’ll see VR betting that will take its next place, while the companies will push the industry to develop more content. If the widespread idea of a virtual reality poker is an indication, gambling in VR could be a lucrative business for those who can build an base for the users and get some regulators for the game play. Maybe the virtual casinos is the future of gambling gaming.










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