Dinner Party Rules for the Hostess with the Mostess

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Lovers of food can’t help but entertain. Sitting around the table enjoying great dishes and laughing and joking is a hell of a way to spend a night. And, if there is a couple of bottles of wine thrown in for good measure, then so be it.

Organizing a dinner party isn’t as straightforward as putting a menu together and inviting guests, however. There is a lot of prep work which needs to go into every aspect of the night. Are people driving or getting a cab? Are their dietary restrictions? Did you invite a vegan?!

To help cover all of the bases, here are four rules to remember.


Invite A Mix

Parties fall flat when too many of the same personalities are at the table. Consider a lovely, quiet person. Yes, they’re harmless and a lot of fun when you get to know them, but they’re too shy. There needs to be an individual who is boisterous and flamboyant to bring out their darker side. And, there should be the people in between, the ones who can be flashy yet can get on a level and chill. Inviting your friends isn’t the savvy move. Think about their personalities before extending an invitation.


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Don’t Serve Complicated Food

Imagine Mexican dishes adorning the table. What a fantastic way to share and get people to interact. The problem is the mess. Constructing and eating a taco is hard work because it seeps out of the sides and falls onto the plate below (if you’re lucky). Watching a group of adults trying to attack a cuisine that is foreign to them is pretty grim, if not funny at the same time. The better option is to simplify the night. If you like sharing platters, then try Spanish tapas or put wings, onion rings, etc. on a slate and whack it in the middle.

Keep On Top Of Temperatures

Nothing ruins a dinner party like food that is stone cold. Regardless of the taste, it’s impossible to ignore the fact the entire meal needs a blast in the microwave. Guests won’t ask because they’re polite, so they’ll grin and bear it and have a bad time. Think about when the food is going to be served and how long it will stand. If it’s a long time, place it on an Indian-style tray with candles underneath to maintain the temp. Cooling wine is necessary too. Don’t ruin the vino by letting it get warm in the kitchen.


Never Panic

Dear Lord, everything is going wrong. Quick, what do I do? This post may not have a direct line to the Almighty; however, we’re pretty sure He’d advise you not to panic. Stress only causes hostesses to worry, and that destroys the decision-making process. The key is to fight back, so you need a clear head. Hopefully, you’ve bought spares so put them in the oven and fiddle with the serving times a little. The guests won’t have a clue as long as you stay calm.

What are your rules for dinner parties? Don’t be afraid to get in touch and have your say.


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