Family Goals! Health Hacks That Will Benefit Every Generation

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Health is a subject that should interest all of us. Whether you’re a teenager, you’re cruising into your 30’s or you’re revelling in retirement, it’s never too early or late to look after yourself. If you’re a parent, you care for your parents, or you’re simply keen to encourage your siblings, cousins, aunties or grandparents to jump on the healthy living bandwagon, here are some health hacks that will benefit every generation.

Move more

There are few things that are better for you than moving your body. It doesn’t matter how old you are, exercise makes you feel great, and it offers incredible benefits for your body. If you enjoy keeping fit, why not get others around you on board? Take your sister out for a jog and catch up on the gossip, go to a beginner’s yoga class with your mum or spend some time with your grandparents at an exercise class that is geared towards seniors. If your body is moving, your heart is pumping, and your muscles are working, this will help to prevent illness, lift your mood, and reduce the risk of injury. Exercise can also offer social benefits, and it can also enable you to learn new skills.

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Many of us have a narrow-minded approach to health. We put effort into conditioning our bodies, but we neglect our minds. Mental health is really important too. It’s crucial to take good care of your wellbeing. Talk to those around you. Share your own feelings, express your emotions, and encourage others to do the same. Opening up can be very cathartic. Keeping in contact with relatives and friends can also improve your mood.

Keep your brain active

Most of us are aware of the benefit of staying in shape, but do you know much about keeping your brain active? Studies show that using your brain can help to lower the risk of conditions like dementia. You don’t have to devote every spare minute to solving puzzles or filling in crosswords, but there’s no harm in making your brain work, and getting others involved too. Play games together, work out clues as a team and share apps and games you enjoy with your parents and grandparents. Often, it’s not possible to prevent dementia, but you can lower the risk of you and your family needing Alzheimer’s care by keeping your brain ticking over. Next time you’ve got a long journey ahead, challenge the family group to a problem-solving competition and see who emerges victorious.

Eat well

If you’re on a mission to improve your diet or to lose weight, it can be incredibly difficult to do this if people around you have dietary habits that are less than exemplary. If you’ve got a partner who is stuffing doughnuts, or your mum always gets the cookie jar out as soon as you walk through the door, make it your goal to encourage everyone to embrace healthy eating. You don’t have to give up your favorite foods or starve yourself to be healthy. Find a balance, eat nutritious foods that you enjoy, and think about the long-term benefits of changing your habits. A good diet can help you maintain a healthy weight, prevent nutrient deficiencies, boost immunity and increase energy levels.

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If you’re keen to get your family in shape, why not take these simple tips on board?

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