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Five Things Every Man Should Have In Their Travel Bag

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If you often travel for business or leisure, or run a business and meet clients all over the country, it is important that you stay stylish and well-groomed, even when you don’t have the comfortable settings of your own bathroom and wardrobes. To help you get packing everything you will need for that meeting or job interview, here’s a list of things you shouldn’t forget about.

1.   Shaving and Grooming Kit

No matter if you are only staying the night, you will need to look the part. A shaving kit, including razor blades, rechargeable electric beard trimmer, and other grooming kits is important to be included in your travel toiletry bag. Check out the Manly Matters website for great deals on electric shavers and accessories. Choose a small leather pouch that will hold everything you need; a small amount hair gel, toothpaste, floss, a foldable toothbrush, your q-tips, and just enough shaving foam to last you for the trip.

2.   Shoe Polish

In the business world, people do look at your shoes and judge you by them. This is why you will have to keep a travel shoe polish kit in your bag at all times. They are compact and last for a long time, so you only have to get them once every few months, depending on how much you travel.

3.   Stylish Umbrella

Instead of carrying a huge umbrella with you all the time, get a compact and stylish design and put it in your suitcase. The weather forecast might not be showing rain, but you never know, especially if you are traveling hundreds of miles from home. Be prepared for every instance, as there’s nothing worse than arriving at an important meeting soaked all the way through.

4.   Portable Charger

Of course, if you are on the go all the time, and take the train or public transport, as well as driving and flying, you will need a portable charger you can top up at night when you stay at the hotel. This way, you can keep your laptop and your cell phone connected, so your clients and potential business partners can get hold of you when there’s a last minute change in the schedule.

5.   Tie Case

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To stay stylish while traveling without having to iron too much, you might want to arrive with a clothes bag to hold your outfit for the next day. However, you must not forget about the tie. You can actually get a tie case that will prevent the accessory from getting creased or stained, and it will be ready to tie when you are about to go out. At the same time, you might want to have a separate case for your leather shoes to maintain their shape and shine during your travel.

If you would like to look professional and well groomed while traveling for business, you will have to include these accessories and personal grooming items in your bag. Stay stylish and make the right impression, whether you are meeting potential clients or business partners.


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