Getting Over An Info “Hump”: Helping Yourself Learn In This Busy World

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Sometimes in life, we need to make that time to get away and take stock in ourselves. We are subject to lots of stress in our work and home life, but we can feel our sense of self slipping by the wayside. As such, we can feel we are losing track of who we are. This is why it’s important for you to take the opportunities to develop yourself when and where you can. That feeling of going forward and learning new things is a perfect way to take stock in yourself. But we don’t always have the chance to do it. So are there things we can take advantage of, especially in our busy lives that can help us feel like we’ve achieved something in this respect?

Taking Advantage Of The Commute

It’s a very tiring environment. You are surrounded by people who are grumpy, and self-absorbed. There is nothing worse than this one way ticket to hell, especially as it’s the one opportunity you have to set yourself up for a day in work. If you are one of those people that can’t get up early, but you’re still bemoaning the fact that you haven’t got time to yourself, taking advantage of reading materials or podcasts on this journey is the way to get an extra dose of information. If you cannot read on your commute, podcasts are most definitely the way to go. Once you acquire good quality headphones that cancel out every other noise, you can lose yourself in podcasts like Serial or Bulletproof Radio, depending on your specific tastes. Remember, there are other audio resources, like Audible, where you can listen to books, which is ideal if you have an incredibly long commute.

Setting Up Your Own Learning Area

If you are lamenting the fact that you don’t have time to do what you want, is it because you haven’t got the space? Because if there’s somewhere you can go to learn new things, you will begin to associate that place with a learning mindset. If you have a spare room at home, a study is a great place for this. In fact, you can set up a whole study environment, one where you have an abundance of books on shelves, inspiring paintings on the wall, or even a TV or internet connection that’s a bit faster than the rest of the house. There are internet providers like Suddenlink that offer high-speed connections but also can provide you with streaming services such as Netflix. Netflix is a great way to learn something new, especially when you are stuck for time. Netflix has provided an outlet for so many documentaries wanting to tell their story but didn’t get the chance to before because of mainstream services. It’s vastly underrated, a good documentary, and if you really are struggling to find time to develop yourself in one way or another, Netflix provides a very suitable option, because it only takes an hour or two to watch a detailed and entertaining documentary. If you only have a couple of hours each evening to yourself, putting a documentary on is a very simple way to let the information wash over you, even if you don’t have the space for a study area.

Putting Aside A Specific Amount Of Time

The big problem we all have is that we feel we don’t have the time, because other things take priority in our lives, and this includes social activities. If you find yourself a particularly sociable animal, then can you cut back on an evening a week to make the time for yourself? Even if you are not heading out all of the time, you still need to set aside a specific amount of time for the purposes of learning and development. It’s very difficult at the outset, but once you push through, it becomes a habit. This is possibly where getting up a little bit earlier will help. There are many benefits to getting up an hour or two before everyone else; firstly you’ve got the place to yourself, so you can relax into the day. And you never know, this might be enough for you to feel more even-keeled. But if you really are chomping at the bit to learn new things, getting up, having a nice coffee, and sitting down with a book or learning material before you start your day gives you that opportunity to get ahead. A lot of people wake up early and go to the gym, if you want to exercise your mind, try the same thing!

Learning How You Learn

And even if you have the time, and you still feel like it’s a struggle, is it because you’re going about it the wrong way? You might feel that you didn’t pay attention in school, so you are trying to make up for lost time now, but if you didn’t learn things in school because you weren’t taught in a manner that suited you, it’s hardly a surprise you were struggling! This is why your learning style should be found out as early as possible. You might find that you are an auditory learner, where you learn visually, and then by understanding this, you can tailor your learning materials to suit you. Learning how to learn is as important as the active learning itself. You might find that you are struggling to keep up in many ways because you are pulling your life in so many different directions, but when you want to learn something the benefits you, you should be emotionally invested in it, and that is how the information will assimilate. So whether it’s learning a new language, a new skill, or you just want to be a bit more knowledgeable about everything, there are infinite resources available now, but there are methods to get there so you can better yourself.

If you are feeling like you need to learn new things, but life isn’t letting you, it’s about being clever with how you take in information.




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