How to Improve Your Life with an Essential Oils

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If you have been hesitant to try essential oils because you think that they are latest fad, you are missing out. Essential oils are not a recent development; people have been using them for thousands of years to improve their overall health. If you have ever taken the time to smell lavender, geraniums, or roses, then you already know the powerful effect of essential oils.

Essential oils are distilled from plants and people use them for their wellness benefits. You can inhale, apply them topically, or use a diffuser to get the maximum benefits of essential oils. Here are some ways to improve your life using essential oils:

Breathe Easier

Congested chests and stuffy noses can be made worse by poor air quality, the flu, as well as allergies. When you use an essential oils diffuser, you will give your respiratory system some relief. To clean the air inside a room, you should diffuse tea tree, eucalyptus, or lemon essential oil together or individually.

During the allergy and flu season, you should diffuse these oils in your bedroom all night to reduce congestion in your chest and nasal passages. If you struggle to breathe properly during cold weather, a diffuser can double up as a humidifier to add moisture to the dry, winter air.

Focus and Clarity

According to wellness sites such as Made with Oils, you can use essential oils to improve your brain function and focus. Using the potent essence of nature that essential oils contain, you can boost your brain cell activity and improve your cognitive abilities. Moreover, using a diffuser to infuse the air with brain-boosting essential oils can increase your ability to concentrate and improve your overall memory.

Fight off Illnesses

Because of antimicrobial properties, most essential oils can kill germs in the air before they get inside your body. Essential oils such as peppermint, clove, lemon, and cinnamon boost your immune system, making it easier for your body to fight off diseases. If you want to keep your family healthy during the flu and allergy seasons, you should diffuse essential oils in your home.

Elevate Your Mood

Nowadays, more and more people are battling depression. You can use the powerful properties of essential oils to lift moods and decrease feelings of sadness in your home.

When you diffuse lavender essential oil into a room, you will be creating a calm environment even if your family does not know what you are doing. You should try a blend of rose, lavender, and geranium to boost your mental state and eliminate depressing thoughts.

Pain Relief

If you are feeling pain in a specific part of your body, you can apply essential oils to that area for relief. However, using a diffuser can relieve pain in your whole body. Juniper, lavender, eucalyptus, and rosemary oils are some of the best essential oils for relieving pain. For quick relief from a headache, you should add a few drops of peppermint to the diffuser for a long-term result.

Insect Repellent

Not only do essential oils improve your mental and physical health, but they also ward off annoying insects. Although topical application of essential oils can keep insects at bay, using a diffuser is the best way to keep them out of your home. You can use lemon, sage, tea tree, or rosemary essential oils to turn your home into an insect-free zone.

All the above benefits should be more than enough to convince you to start using essential oils. Although the oils might cost a bit of money to buy, you will end up saving money when your overall health improves.


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