Setting up your own in-home studio

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If you’re someone who’s very musically minded, there’s a lot you can do to express that around your home. No matter the hobbies you’re in love with, you’ve got plenty of products and designs on the market to make sure you can always enjoy your hobby when you’ve got the time. But specifically, if you love music and how creative you can be with it, there’s one major move you can make: your own mini studio inside of your own home.

You don’t even need a spare room to make this happen, just a corner of your bedroom or a wall in your living room. It can be the creative space you’ve longed for without completely breaking the bank, and you’re never going to be happier than when you can sing to your heart’s content, record your own music samples, and produce a song all from the comfort of your sofa.

The back of your bedroom could look just as artistic as this; build yourself a studio and soon you’ll be top of the charts! (Image)

Seal the Sound In

If you’re planning to set up a studio area of your own, you need to be sure it’s not going to disturb anyone who lives next door to you, or that your voice is never going to travel all the way down the street as you sing your heart out. Seal up all the open edges and cracks in the room with some strips or wood sealer, and even think about getting some acoustic pads set up to keep the echoey effect out of your tracks.

You’re going to need good sound equipment too. After all, research shows compact speakers have less reverberation, and you won’t have to ruin your living room walls by sticking acoustic foam all over them; it’s going to be great for packing out a space you know is still going to be used daily without ruining the aesthetic of your home.

Have Some Good Software

Being able to record reliably and with good sound quality is something you’re probably going to have to pay for, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start off with free programs and work your way up. Don’t worry, a lot of the biggest bands out there started off in their parent’s garage, so you’re only following in their footsteps (except with a little more effort!).

You can download a whole bunch at once to see who gives you the best effect and/or is the easiest to use, and you can find all kinds of recommendations off of the web from people just like you. Don’t let yourself be stuck with a sub-par recording program; be as professional as you can from the offset and you’ll be a lot more confident when it comes to searching for a manager and a record deal.

Setting up your own studio at home is a great move to make if you’re serious about your art; do it now for more happiness in your hobby!

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