Sun, Sea, And… Sunburn? Beach Problems All Travelers Can Overcome

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There’s nothing better than a day at the beach, right? It’s such a pretty place where you can take in all the gorgeous views while enjoying the fantastic summer weather. Hitting the beach during your vacation can also help you really relax and recharge your batteries. Not only that, though, but spending a few hours sunbathing on the soft sands gives you the perfect chance to work on your tan while reading one of the summer’s must-read books. Unfortunately, though, the beach isn’t always as idyllic as you think it is going to be.

In fact, the beach can throw up a few different problems for travelers and holiday makers. Don’t worry, though, you shouldn’t let these common issues ruin your beach days. Here are a few handy solutions to take with you!



 One of the biggest problems that we all know about already has to be sunburn. Sure, the chance to work on your tan while on the beach is not one that you will want to pass on, but you need to make sure that you do so safely. No matter what you do, you should always wear sunblock. Don’t panic, this won’t stop you from tanning – what it will do, though, it stops your skin from burning. Creams with a high SPF will prevent your skin from tanning too much, so you might want to stick to a medium SPF of about 20. Don’t forget to keep applying the cream every couple of hours, and to also re-apply if you ever go into the sea. Even waterproof sunblocks will need to be reapplied once you come out of the water as their effects won’t be quite as strong.

Bugs And Mosquitos

 Unfortunately, the hot weather won’t just bring people out to the beach. It will also motivate lots of bugs to head out into the sun as well. Thankfully, most of the creepy crawlies won’t want to bother you and do you any harm, but you will have to watch out for mosquitos and midges, as these will bite you whenever they get the chance. It’s worth investing in a good anti-bug spray. Just like you can get a spray for mosquitoes in your garden or yard, these body sprays use the same barrier protection method and should keep them away so you can enjoy your time on the beach without getting eaten alive!


 Burnt Feet

 When you are packing your beach bag for your day of sunbathing and paddling, be sure to put in a pair of sandals or flip flops. You can then wear these summery shoes whenever you want to go for a stroll along the sands. During the middle of the day, when the temperatures are at their highest, you might find that the sand on the beach gets incredibly hot. If you are in a very hot country, then the sand could get so hot that it actually burns the soles of your feet if you try to walk on it without shoes. Sandals and flip flops are the perfect solution!

No Space

 When you think about going to the beach, you always imagine a tropical paradise. In your head you see a large, empty beach where there is no one other than you and all your friends. Unfortunately, it rarely turns out to be like that in real life. When the weather is good, everyone will head straight to the sandy beaches and clear waters of the coastline. So, don’t be surprised if you turn up in the middle of the day to see that there is hardly any space for you to lay down your picnic blanket. Of course, the best way to bag yourself a good spot is to get there as early as possible before everyone else has turned up. Sure, that early start might put you off, especially if you were hoping to enjoy a lie in every morning of your break. But you can turn this around and make it a positive. For instance, this gives you the chance to get there early and enjoy a picnic breakfast or brunch on the beach!

Sea Dangers

 Do you love cooling off by splashing around in the sea when you are on vacation? It can be super fun, but it can also be super dangerous. That’s because there are a lot of various dangers out there in the deep blue waters. First of all, you might need to contend with rip tides or invisible currents that could be too strong for you to swim in. There should always be signs or flags up telling you whether it is safe or not to go into the water, and you also need to listen to these. Make sure you are always aware of what is around you when you are paddling in the sea – after all, you don’t want to get accidently stung by a jellyfish!

Unruly Makeup

 One of the most frustrating things about being at the beach is unruly makeup. Because it will be very hot, there’s a good chance that you will be sweating more than usual, and you might even sweat off your makeup. It’s easy to prevent this, though, as you just need to wear an oil-controlling moisturizer. Applying a primer before your makeup will also help it all stay in place. If you want to splash in the sea at some point, make sure you are wearing waterproof mascara and eyeliner otherwise you might have some serious panda eyes when you come out of the water!

Getting Sand Everywhere

 Beach lovers often find that they end up taking a lot of sand back home with them. It ends up sticking to their skin or getting inside their shoes and clothes. This can be extremely annoying! The best way to ensure all those grains of sand stay at the beach is to take a camping chair to sit on. That way, you won’t be in the sand so much. Wearing flip flops also helps as these won’t get filled with sand like sneakers or other closed shoes will.

Make sure your day at the beach isn’t ruined by all of these problems!

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