The Essential Beach Packing Guide

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Now that we are well and truly in the swing of summer, you may be planning a trip to the beach. Whether you are going somewhere nearby or you are flying off somewhere exotic, you will still need to pack a lot of the same things. And in this blog post, we are going to be giving you a helping hand by listing what some of the main items which you need to bring with you are.


Who goes to the beach without wanting to take a dip in the ocean? And when you are doing so, you want to be swimming in style. Bringing along a couple of different swimsuits will ensure that you always have a dry one spare which you can change into whenever you want. As for style, you have more and more options out there these days, but check out some retro mens swimwear as an option. You want something that you feel comfortable in, as well as looking good both in the water and out of it.

Portable Cooler

Avoid going to the overly expensive beach bars by bringing your own portable cooler along with you. This way, you can have your own picnic on the beach for a fraction of the cost. Choose a lightweight and portable option. Not only will this work for days at the beach, it will also be perfect for camping, boating, or just a day out at the park. Make sure that you pack plenty of water so that you stay hydrated during the hot weather. If you want to be a friend to the environment, choose a stainless steel water bottle, which stops you needing to buy endless plastic bottles.

Flip Flops or Sandals

Sometimes, the sand underfoot can get ridiculously hot and you need something to cover up your feet. Flip flops or sandals have the natural advantage of being easy to slip on and off whenever you need to. Though there are plenty that you can buy for an extremely cheap price, it may be worth choosing some which are a little more long-lasting and durable. Water resistant sandals are a great option as you can wear them when you are going into the water as well.

Beach Bag

The ideal beach bag is big enough to store everything in that you need, while also being easy to seal up to keep out all that annoying sand. If you are going with a big group of people, you may only need a single large bag to store everything. And if you are worried about your valuable things, you could always get a waterproof bag which you can bring swimming with you. There are also waterproof pouches which are great for keeping your smartphone nice and dry.

Beach Towel

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You can’t go to the beach without a good-quality beach towel. While many people choose to sit on theirs, you could instead go for a large blanket or throw. This way, you can keep the towel relatively sand-free which is always going to be a relief once you get back home once again!


Making sure that you properly protect your skin from the harsh UV rays of the sun is essential. Even on cloudy days this can become a big problem. Make sure that you bring enough to last you the whole day – and remember that you will need to reapply it every couple of hours. Bring an umbrella along with you as well so that you always have the option of getting some shade whenever you want it.

A Book or Kindle

For some people, the only chance that they get to read is when they are at the beach, so make sure that you have at least one good book with you. Alternatively, you could bring along a Kindle so that you have all the titles that you want in one place.

Active Equipment 

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If you get sick of lying on the sand hour after hour, you could bring along some equipment which is more suited to an active beach holiday. For example, a bodyboard is great for riding the waves. If you are a fan of surfing and you are travelling in the off-season, a wetsuit may well be an essential investment. And if you plan on seeing some of the life beneath the ocean, fins and snorkelling gear should be on your checklist.

Though there may be more added extras to pack, these are many of the beach essentials which are worth bringing along.


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