The Most Amazing Destinations for Travelling in 2018

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With the summer reaching its high point, deciding where to take a long-awaited summer vacation can be challenging. Check out these five outstanding destinations with off-season deals, smaller crowds and special events.

Crystalline waters of Fiji

Successfully recovering from a category 5 cyclone that hit those islands two years ago, Fiji boasts some of the world’s most spectacular oceanic sceneries, with powdery beaches fringed with slender palms that contrast crystalline waters with colourful reefs and lush tropical greenery of the interior. However, the latest development of luxury accommodation is making another point of interest in this surreal archipelago. A perfect example is the exclusive, family-owned Kokomo Private Island Resort which covers more than 140 acres of dense rainforest and white sand beaches, letting you choose among 21 beach villas and four hilltop residences, each of them featuring an infinity pool and walled tropical garden. It’s no secret that Fiji is a divers’ Xanadu, with kaleidoscopic locations like the Great Astrolabe Reef which is crawling with corals and marine life such as reef sharks, rays and dolphin fish. Set on a private beach on Malolo Island, a boutique property of Six Senses offers the brand’s namesake spa and wellness packages and restaurant that sources local culinary ingredients.

White sunrise Japan

Those that are planning an escape route from the tropical heats of 2018, might consider some of Japan’s marvellous ski destinations. With some of the world’s finest powder terrain, Japanese mountains and volcanoes are known to hold down on more of the white stuff than anywhere else in the world. And just when you thought you’ve got out of the knee-deep snow, you delve into the knee-deep Japanese culture of steaming Onsen baths, traditional tea ceremonies, and fabulous restaurants. The Japanese island of Hokkaido is the land of the country’s finest ski resorts such as Furano, nestled between endless expanses of Daisetsuzan National Park and craggy Tokachi Peak mountain range. While, typically for Japanese ski resorts, your lift pass will be confiscated if you’re caught “off-piste”, not so in Furano, which is surrounded by many off-piste jewels such as Sahoro, Kamui, Asahidake, Tokachidake and Tomamu, each of them providing an excellent base for day ski trips.

Captivating Cambodia

Sure, Cambodia is just a transit. The only thing worth visiting there is Angkor Wat. Let’s go straight to Thailand, dude… I’ve heard all of these opinions. They couldn’t be more wrong. Yes, Angkor Wat is magnificent, but there is so much more to Cambodia than that. First of all, Cambodia has one of the most beautiful islands in the mainland Southeast Asia. Its Cardamom Mountains are one of the few natural retreats of wild elephants and tigers, and a rising eco-tourism destination. However, it’s the rural Cambodia with its rivers, caves, rice fields and picturesque little towns that is especially rewarding to travellers and backpackers. Cambodia is a captivating country, rich in history, culture and architecture. With no lack of party towns like Sihanoukville and Siem Reap where you can get a beer for 25 cents, a bed for a dollar and a delicious restaurant meal only for a couple of dollars, this country is immensely popular for grad student travel. However, since the dates are usually sold out quickly, you’ll probably have to browse those schoolies for 2019 to find a date and scheme that suits you.

Valletta – the jewel of Malta

Although the unfortunate demise of investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia and revelations in the Paradise Papers about Malta’s role in global money laundering have severely darkened the reputation of this tiny Mediterranean-locked country, its capital Valletta is this year’s co-European Capital of Culture, with 140 events and 400 new projects planned down the road. Founded in the 1500s on a peninsula within a natural harbour, this UNESCO-listed city has managed to preserve much of its ancient architecture. However, until no more than a decade ago, Valletta was sadly neglected – the tourists would visit the cathedrals and palaces for daytime photo snaps, only to be scuttling back to fancy hotels in Sliema and St Julian’s, leaving its plazas and cobbled streets deserted. Luckily, that’s changed and now Valletta is buzzing with cool bars well after dark. What was once the city’s working-class Strait Street area, now’s the city’s nightlife hub with tons of music, theatre and cultural events in the pipeline this summer.

Budapest on the blue Danube

Summer is a particularly splendid time of year in Budapest. The castles glisten in the sunlight, the Danube is bristling with colourful boats and warm weather inspires a packed calendar of outdoor events that keep visitors entertained throughout the season. Let’s just mention that the Budapest Summer Festival runs for three straight months, and its programme of Verdi operas, concerts, musicals and theatre is bound to have something for everyone. Another important fixture on Budapest’s annual event calendar is the Danube Carnival which combines the modern dance industry with Hungarian folk culture for an abundance of dance performances and concerts held at various stages across the capital.

This quick overview of the choicest travel destinations for 2018 is compiled in such a way that everyone may find something for their taste. Whether it’s a tropical paradise, snowy ski retreat, backpacking adventure, Mediterranean flavours or music festivals day and night, keep in mind that the best offers sell out quickly, so hurry up and make up your mind.


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