Things You Should Consider Before Buying A Motorcycle

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You may have driven cars for as long as you can remember, but if you’re a bit of a speed freak, then you’ve probably thought about buying a motorcycle at least once in your life. After all, as great as cars are, there’s no feeling quite like the adrenaline that riding a bike can offer. That being said, like everything else in life, motorcycles do come with their downsides, and it’s important that you understand them before you make any decisions. With that in mind, here are ten pros and cons you need to consider before you buy your own motorcycle.

Pro – It’s A Lot Of Fun

There’s no point in denying the obvious; One of the main reasons why most people start riding a motorcycle is because they’re really cool. Of course, you have to stick to the speed limit, like every other vehicle on the road, but, unlike them, you’re not trapped inside a metal shell. This means that you can feel the wind as you ride and really get in touch with everything around you. This feeling can make even the most boring of journeys fun, giving you a new lease on life.

Con – You’re Exposed To The Elements

Unfortunately, being free from the shelter of a car leaves you completely exposed to the elements around you. Of course, when the weather is relatively mild, this won’t cause you too much bother, but if it starts to rain or snow, you’re going to get cold and soggy. You also don’t have air conditioning or anything else to cool you down when the weather gets hot. Also, riding in extreme conditions can be difficult and dangerous, leading to more accidents than in a car.

Pro – Lower Ownership Costs Than Cars

If you’re looking for a cheaper way to get around, and don’t fancy taking public transport, then a motorcycle might be the thing for you. Like any other vehicle, bikes can get pretty pricey, but with some research, you should be able to find an affordable one relatively easily. The costs associated with owning a motorcycle are also a lot lower than those associated with owning a car, as they use less gas and are cheaper to insure. The maintenance costs are also fairly low.

Con – The Risk To Your Safety

One of the main problems with riding a bike is the risk to your safety. If you were to get into an accident, you wouldn’t have the metal framework of a car to cushion the impact, which makes it more likely that you’ll be injured. Of course, there are things you can do to reduce the risk, but motorcycle accident lawyers show that the riders themselves aren’t always to blame. Because of this, it’s important that you understand the danger before you get on the road.

Pro – They Take Up Less Space

There’s nothing more frustrating than driving around and around a parking lot trying to find a space for your car. Thankfully, with a bike, you wouldn’t have this problem, as you’ll be able to fit into spaces a car simply couldn’t. Many parking lots also offer free parking for motorcycles, which saves you even more money. If you have little to no parking outside your home, owning a bike is incredibly beneficial, as you can push around your house and store it in your back garden.

Con – They’re Not Quite Family-Friendly

Riding a bike is convenient in certain circumstance, but, if you have children, it can cause a few issues. After all, you can’t take your kids to school or go out for the day as a family on one motorcycle. You also become a lot more concerned with your safety when you start a family. Because of this, many people choose to sell their bike when they start to have kids. You don’t necessarily need to do this, but you should consider how having a bike with impact your family.

Pro – They Decrease Your Carbon Footprint

Motorcycles tend to be much more fuel efficient than cars and truck. Of course, this can save you a lot of money, as it means you have to put less fuel into your bike, but it’s also a great way to be green and decrease your carbon footprint. There are also a number fuel efficient bikes out there to buy, so, if you were looking to do even more for the environment, then you could opt for one of those options.

Con – You Need A Motorcycle License

Unfortunately, as much as you may want to, you can’t just hop on a motorcycle and hit the open road. More often than not, you need to have a completely different license, which shows that you can ride a bike legally and safely. This means that you might need to take lessons and do some revision, and then you’ll have to take a test. It shouldn’t take you too long to learn, but you’re going to have to put some money and work in, which might not be something you can afford to do.

Pro – They Retain Their Resale Value

If you already own a car, you probably know that it loses up to 20% of its value the moment it drives off the lot. This means that, if you were to sell it a week after you bought it, you’d lose a substantial amount of money. Thankfully, motorcycles work a little differently and hold their value much better. Of course, you’ll still need to keep your bike in good condition and ensure the mileage stays low, but if you do, you should make most of your money back.

Con – Their Life Span Is Shorter

Riding a bike can benefit you in many ways, but the sad fact is that they simply don’t last as long as cars do. While a car can easily see 200,000 miles and sometimes even more, a motorcycle generally lasts only half that. Of course, the smaller price tag and lower costs do partially make up for this, and there are ways to help you bike live a little longer, but if you were looking for a vehicle that lasts a really long time, then you’ll have some issues with a motorcycle.

If you were thinking of buying a motorcycle, make sure you consider the pros and cons above before making your decision.

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