Top Tips for Enjoying Family-Friendly Days Cycling

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Whether you’re looking for something new to do with the kids or you want to encourage the entire family to get more active, what better way than to explore the stunning scenery Virginia has to offer – by bike?

Simply load the bikes on the back of your car or throw a couple of foldable bikes into your boot and you’re away.

And to help you make the most of your trip, here are some more top tips:

Choose a Family-Friendly Trail

Virginia has a whole host of cycling trails that you can choose from, from small easy ones that are great for toddlers to longer more challenging routes that are ideal for teens.

Why not involve the whole family in choosing the trail, setting yourself challenges for the course? For example, you could say the first to spot a certain animal wins a prize.

Exploring new trails or planning a route on your own with a compass and map makes cycling far more engaging and fun for the kids (and you!).

With a whiff of adventure in the air, it’s far more likely that your kids will be up for a family bike ride.

Pack a Picnic or Plan to Visit a Café or Restaurant

Kids will soon tire, especially if there aren’t any snacks to devour en-route, so why not plan your route around a café or tourist attraction to break things up a bit?

If they’re just cycling constantly for hours on end, it’s highly likely they’ll start to get bored, so try to keep things exciting by having things planned along the way. And don’t forget to take some water and snacks in a rucksack so you can all stay well hydrated (even if you do get a little lost!).

Make a Holiday Out of It

After a few successful bike trips as a family, you might even want to consider making the next trip into a biking holiday. This will give you the chance to explore more of an area, perhaps camping along a route. Again, this will really heighten your kids’ sense of adventure, and will teach them some practical skills along the way, too.

What’s more, as you journey from A to B, it’ll give them a sense of achievement, which helps show them how rewarding physical exercise can be. This, in turn, should help them remain more active while they’re at home.

Enter a Competition

Have you all become die-hard bikers over the last few months? Then why not enter a competition that’s suitable for the whole family?

Even though it won’t be a serious challenge or grueling competition, it’ll still give you the chance to achieve something as a family, helping you bond and create long-lasting memories.

So, whether you’re just going to bike to the park for a picnic with the kids or you’re all peddling your way to becoming pros of the mountain-biking world, biking is a great way to enjoy time together as a family while staying fit and active in the process.

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