What Are Influencers Wearing Eating and Doing This Season

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Influencers aren’t called “influencers” for no reason – they make a living off of Instagram and occasional blog posts because they are real people, just like us, who decided to make a lucrative living out of their hobbies, passions for food, travel, fashion and makeup. This is why influencer marketing works – because these people are essentially our peers, and being millennials – in peers we trust. They may have their collaborations and paid partnerships, but the best and most-followed ones are the ones who have maintained their integrity and stand behind the goods they truly love, use or wear in their daily life – whether sponsored or not. This is exactly why we turn to them when it comes to the latest wearable trends, good places and ‘it’ foods as well as inspo for our next holiday destination, so before we purchase an item or book a ticket, let’s see what our powerful peers have been up to and see if there are any good ideas to snag.

Where to go

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If you’re taking the influencers’ word, Marrakech, Morocco is the place to see and to be seen at. All other exotic destinations pale in comparison with the exotic and oriental charms of Marrakech, and we have to admit that after all the popular island resorts such as the Maldives and Thailand, Morocco comes as a refreshing recommendation. If you want to catch a glimpse of the kind of lap of luxury, sceneries and activities that await you there, just check out the highlighted section titled “Marrakech” in Candace Hampton’s Instagram stories. She isn’t the only globetrotter who has experienced all that the city has to offer, but she is a personal favorite so we’ll take her detailed tour as our guide. As you will see, there are gorgeous, old, narrow streets to walk, amazing food to try, handcrafted goods to buy, and some original Moroccan entertainment to enjoy, so if you’re still planning your next trip, we have a sense that this place will definitely call out to you.

What to eat

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

We know that many foodie influencers out there are changing the diet game for many of us, as many of them are either vegan, vegetarian or simply firmly believe in healthy nutrition and its benefits. First up is the adorable Alex Aldeborgh. Why? Because she isn’t just the kind of foodie that takes us to hot new restaurants, but is actually committed to teaching us how to eat and live healthier by providing the recipes of her own Instagram-worthy and mouth-watering heavens on plates. From post-workout superfoods-filled goodies to healthy pasta lunches, we are definitely sold. Now, when it comes to breakfast foods, Steffy is a blogger mom who knows a thing or two about indulgence – every now and then, treat yourself with a delicious Instagrammable donut. She can also teach you everything about brewing that perfect cup of coffee as this is another food-related trend influencers are into. And finally, there are the healthy smoothies which are still alive and kicking, and the only new thing that is trending in the smoothie department is popular resistant starch foods, which are becoming an integral part of healthy foods, both liquid and solid.

What to wear

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The fashion influencer universe is one that, just like the real one, is constantly expanding, so we had to work hard to narrow the list down. On the one hand, athleisure is still going strong, so if you feel like rocking a simple crop or even halter top with high-waist leggings, you have the fitness and athleisure apparel guru’s stamp of approval. Make sure you follow Nicole Loher because she won’t only help you achieve those Bella Hadid athleisure looks, but may even inspire you to get on the fitness and wellness train and get the bod to match the clothes. As far as other influencers of the fashion variety go, they’re keeping things mainly in the white and cream department – case in point, Emily Luciano’s entire summer feed. From simple tees to minimalistic yet interesting dresses and even denim and footwear, everything on her feed is harmoniously white. It’s the perfect mixture of romantic summer looks and casual minimalistic vibes. However, true minimalism is still alive and kicking, and the proof of that can be seen on the feeds of such influencers as Lauren Caruso, who will certainly nudge you in the true minimalistic direction with her perfect combinations of black and white, sharp suits and oversized shirts. And who knows, perhaps you’ll even be convinced to purchase that clear PVC bag you swore you never would, because she carries it so darn well.

Well, now you’re all caught up with the latest from the influencers to watch. Perhaps you were reminded of some of your old favorites, and hopefully, we’ve helped you discover some new Instagram muses that somehow slipped through your fingers but definitely deserve your attention and the click of the “follow” button.


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