What to Do When You Find Out You’re Expecting A New Bundle of Joy

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Whether you’ve been trying for months or it’s the happiest of accidents, finding out you are expecting a new arrival is one of the most magical times in our lives. You and your partner are going to be bringing a new life into the world and embarking on the rewarding journey and raising, nurturing, and loving a child for the rest of your lives; it is truly a time of great excitement. However, after our initial excitement, it can suddenly feel overwhelming trying to think of all the thing you need to get done and prepare before the new arrival. This guide will put your mind at ease by giving you some essential starting points to relieve the stress so that you can enjoy this wonderful time in your life.

The Bare Necessities

The first thing you need to do is work out what the most pressing matters are and get them out of the way before anything else. Sit down with your partner and make a list of the essential things you need to do and don’t worry about anything else until these jobs are ticked off. For example, you might want to take a back up test to make sure it’s not a false positive. Once this is done, you will want to make a doctor’s appointment as soon as possible to get the medical support you will need in the coming months.

Making A Timeline

When planning what to do, you will need to know the time frame you have to work in. Of course, we all know pregnancy lasts for around nine months but knowing the exact due date is paramount to making sure we are prepared for when the little one arrives. You can calculate expected due date online by filling out a simple form which will give you a sense of not only how long you have to pick out names but also the approximate date your new baby was conceived.

You’re Not In This Alone

As a pregnant woman, it can sometimes feel as though you are shouldering all the work, after all, it’s your very own body that is your baby’s home for nine whole months. It is important then, to establish what is expected of your partner. This is a journey you should be going on together, and your loved one is the first source of support you need to be able to call upon. Once you know you’re pregnant, sit down with your partner and talk through what you are going to need them to do in order to help you out and make sure this journey goes as smoothly as possible. It is also important that you and your partner still find time for yourselves when the baby arrives. Start now having conversations with friends and family to see who is willing to help out with the care of your baby so you can still have a date night once in a while, or, at least, catch up on some much-needed sleep.


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