5 Brilliantly Beautiful Reasons Why Natural is Better

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Everyone is always telling you that going au natural is always the best way to be, so why don’t you pay any attention? Of course it is everybody’s personal preference as to how they want to dress, style their hair and wear makeup, but you might want to consider the natural look from time to time. Changing your styling habits won’t be an easy task straight away, but if you can understand the benefits to your hair, nails, skin and body then you might just find it a little simpler. Check out these five brilliantly beautiful reasons to opt for the natural look this year.

1.Your Hair Will Be Happier

After treating your hair with chemicals, heat and sticky products for most of your life, now might be the time to start transitioning to natural hair. You might be worried about losing length and unexplained breakage, so try out some techniques for your hair type in order to gain its strength back. Eat plenty of oily fish containing omega three and sleep in a coconut oil mask, so that you can wake up with shinier, softer hair every single day.

  1. Your Skin Will Be Softer

Allow your skin to breathe and go natural as often as you can; oily makeup can clog your pores and cause you to break out in zits. Be confident in your own skin and use a dewy moisturizer to give you a gloriously natural glow every day. Wear subtle makeup for special occasions such as a vampy red lip or a striking winged eyeliner.

  1. You Will Feel Healthier

Consuming more natural and organic foods will help you feel healthier overall. Cut out the sugar laden snacks and enjoy freshly cooked dinners bursting with vegetables and whole grains.

  1. You Will Have More Money

Imagine not having to get your nails done every two weeks or getting your hair chemically straightened. Think how much money you will be saving by cutting down on beauty treatments. You bank balance will certainly thank you for choosing the natural look.

  1. You Will Age Gracefully

Say no to facial surgery and enhancements; allow yourself to grow old naturally and be proud of it. It is true that aging gracefully isn’t has difficult as you think. As long as you wear a reputable SPF moisturizer every day, eat plenty of natural foods and you cut out bad habits such as smoking and drinking, you will age beautifully.

You don’t have to adopt every single notion that has been mentioned, but it is definitely worth giving them all a go at some point. Whether you reduce the amount of heat you use on your hair or try to cut down on expensive beauty treatment, you will quickly notice the benefits. Whenever you can, use organic products free from chemicals and consume pesticide free fruits and vegetables as often as possible too. All of these small changes will contribute to your new gorgeous natural glow. So give the natural look a go for once and realise that you already have true beauty without all of the added extras.


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