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6 Ways to Add Edge to Your Style

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Looking around, it’s clear the 90’s are alive again. With grungy looks taking center stage everywhere from the runway to Instagram, we can see lots of fashion experts taking hold of this edgy fashion. This is a great time to experiment with style and to shake up your personal look. Are you stuck in a style rut? Maybe you have a go-to look you opt for just about every day of the week, or you always go to your favorite stores for the latest trends.

It’s hard to try something new when you’ve already found something you know and love on your body. Adding a little bit of edgy grunge is a great way to play with your favorite looks and discover things about fashion you didn’t even consider. Don’t let your style go stale. Here are 6 ways to add edge to your own style so you can shake things up just in time for the latest trends.

 1. Wear Dark Colors

Black is the new black. The easiest way to go edgy with your look is to add in darker colors. Not only does black look great on everyone, but it’s always in fashion. You don’t have to go full goth with your clothes but experiment with some new shades of black until you find something that works for you. Match black with black or other colors you already have in your wardrobe. Don’t forget about using textures and materials to pop the color (or lack thereof).

2. Men’s Clothes

Who’s to say clothing is gendered in the first place? There no rules about who can or can’t shop in the men’s section. Want to really step outside of your fashion comfort zones? Wear clothes in a way the designers never intended. Try a men’s shirt as a dress or even introduce bow ties or men’s accessories into your daily style. There’s something majorly on-trend about androgynous fashion right now, and there’s no denying that men’s clothes are more comfortable.

3. DIY Studs and Distress

You don’t have to a be a DIY guru to master the basics of clothing updates. Don’t let those old t-shirts and jeans lay to waste in your closet. Pull out your old favorites and give them a much-needed makeover. Add things like studs, distressed, bleach wash, and more. Grunge is effortlessly cool. The more distressed and worn your clothes look, the cooler your style will be. You can easily add studs, zippers, and other simple DIYs with fabric glue or basic sewing skills.


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4. Accessories

The best parts of a great outfit are often in the details. Adding black to your wardrobe is a great first step, but accessories are the finishing touch that really completes the look. Dark sunglasses are the most obvious choice since they’re the definition of laid-back cool, but they aren’t the only option. Add a choker to call back to this 90s classic, or wear some grunge on your wrist with some of these skeleton watches. You’ll be able to mix these favorites with your other jewelry for a hip mix-matched effect.

5. Makeup

Did you forget about your makeup? There’s a lot to love about edgy makeup, and it’s sure to catch a few eyes in the best way. One of the best grunge styles is known as impact makeup. This is a lot easier than you might think. Essentially, it’s makeup that’s meant to leave an impression.

It can be as dramatic as all-black eyeliner or as simple as skipping makeup altogether except for red lipstick. The goal is to do something you’ve never done before with your makeup routine. If you always wear eyeshadow, skip it for a change. If you’ve never been caught out without your favorite shade of nude lipgloss, go for a bold purple or red.

6. Change Your Hairstyle

Your hair and make and break your look. Have you worn out your tried-and-true style? It might be time to try something completely new. A dramatic cut can make a world of a difference in your look, and it might be just the inspiration you’ve been looking for. One of the most popular trends today is to try a funky hair color like pink or even grey. Definitely talk to an experienced colorist before trying any DIY hair dye, but don’t be afraid to try something new.

Are you ready to change your style? You don’t have to toss out all your old clothes and start all over. You probably have some edgy pieces in your wardrobe already just waiting to be styled differently. Add a layer of edge and coolness to your favorite looks with these tips above. Even small changes will make a big impact, and it’s liberating to try a new fashion on for size.

Feature Image: Image via Unsplash


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