A Taste of South Australia – Exploring Adelaide’s Burgeoning Bar Scene

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When it comes to a great culinary and tasting experience, Adelaide and, indeed South Australia itself, is a tantalising delight of discovery for the senses, especially the ones of smell and taste.

While South Australia has a variety of great wine regions to visit, you don’t necessarily have to exit the heart of the city to sample some of the riches that it has to offer.

However, it’s not just wine and cheese that the city has for you with which to test your palette.

Whether it’s a casual beer with a couple of mates, or a classy, sophisticated and classic cocktail, there are some great places right near you.

A place to stay:

With many bars and restaurants in the centre of town, you won’t have far to go for a good drink and feed, so wouldn’t it be great if your place to stay didn’t warrant a long cab ride or having to ask for directions?

With beautiful, convenient serviced apartments in Adelaide, you’ll have your place of accommodation all set, ready for your night on the town.

With studio apartments located close to many bars, it’s absolutely perfect for you and a couple of friends.

That way, whether it’s a glass of wine or two at a restaurant, or a few cocktails, you can walk back and sleep it off. Doesn’t it feel great when you don’t have to pick a designated driver?

Head to a rooftop and check out the beautiful skyline:

Much of Adelaide’s bar scene has grown through the rooftop bars, which showcase the main attractions throughout the centre of Adelaide.

According to Marc Llewellyn,  those such as Hennessy Bar are “close to many of the city’s main attractions.”

These include the popular shopping strip, the main food market and those such as the river Torrens that flows through the main heart of the city.

Sample a great grape without leaving town:

Adelaide has some great wine bars that house a variety of vintages from some of South Australia’s most distinguished regions and their wineries. Such bars include The Gallery.

Sandwiched on Waymouth St, in the white-collar area of town, it is a bar that established itself in 2013 as a wind down for the professional crowd. However, it has since expanded its clientele to become a hive of activity.

It also boasts an impressive wine list, from those in the Clare Valley to Yalumba in the Barossa.

Therefore, if you want to sample some country grapes right in the hub of the South Australian capital, there’s a bar and a bottle for you.

Adelaide creates a good pot of ale:

Adelaide’s CBD also harbours many a good pub. As for hospitality, they can serve you a classic or more sophisticated brew.

Whether you’re a person who likes a casual pot with your mates, or you see yourself as a bit of a connoisseur who wants to try a crafted stout, there are many microbreweries and classic pubs from the CBD to Port Adelaide.

A cocktail to get the party started:

Many a good bar and/or restaurant hosts a great selection of cocktails on their menu. Many of us have a classic or personal favourite and some things never change, no matter which bar you visit. Adelaide is no exception.

Nearly everyone knows a classic Bloody Mary with as the hangover cure (minus the vodka). My personal favourite – a Toblerone, (name can vary depending on the bar), includes Frangelico, Baileys, Kahlua and milk – dessert in a glass!

Broadsheet has a number of great locations for your next party, from Bibliotheca in Gresham St to Thrift Shop Bar in Waymouth Place.

Now, whether it’s in a quaint little laneway or observing the horizon, you can find the perfect drink in the South Aussie capital. Cheers!

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