Christmas Is Coming – Great Gift Ideas For The Modern Man

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The festive season of giving is almost upon us and if you are dreading the tedious shopping trips, hunting for the perfect gift, this article was written with you in mind. We all know how it is, knowing him so well, yet being unable to think of anything he wants that he doesn’t already have, and by visiting an online unique gift retailer, you can view countless examples of innovative gadgets and devices designed for the modern man. Here are just a few examples of Christmas gifts for men that are always warmly received.

  • Rocking Whisky Glasses & Granite Cooling Stones – If your man is a whisky drinker, he’ll fall in love with these chunky whisky glasses that slowly revolve, and there’s no need for ice with the granite stones that are left in the freezer for a while, prior to use.


  • The Bluetooth Speaker – Music can be everywhere with a stylish and powerful Bluetooth speaker, and of all the Christmas gift ideas, this is the one that ticks all the boxes. What man wouldn’t want a small device that can be turned on at any time to give a rich and deep sound and there are even waterproof models for the shower singer.


  • The Reverse Charging Cable – Both iOS and Android devices can be charged with this handy reverse USB or mains charging cable. Stylishly chunky, this essential piece of kit will soon find a permanent place in his routine and if you couple it with a power bank, you have the ultimate IT charging package.


  • Premium Leather Men’s Grooming Kit – He’ll treasure this forever and with all the useful items inside, he will always look his best, wherever he goes. Must have items such as a comb, toothbrush and paste, scissors, tweezers and nail file-clippers are all nicely set into a genuine leather case, ensuring that your man always looks his best.

  • The Alcohol Breathtester – If he likes a beer with his buddies after work, this ingenious little device will remind him if he’s had one too many. It also has a handy LED light. The device is attached to the keyring, ensuring it is always handy and with the current police crackdown on drink driving, he can be confident he is within the legal limits, or simply park the car and take a taxi home.

This is just a selection of novel gifts for men you can find online and once you’ve made your selection, a secure online payment sees the gift despatched.

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