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Essential Gift Guide For Whiskey Lovers

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If you have a man in your life who loves a good glass of whiskey, you might be considering some of the different things you can buy for him for his birthday or for Christmas. You can really have some fun with the gifts you buy for your whiskey lover, and are some of the fun ideas you can use this year for the man in your life.

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Personalised glasses

The first thing you can look to buy for a whiskey lover is a personalised glass for him to enjoy his favourite tipple. There are loads of places online where you can order personalized and embossed designs on whiskey, wine and pint glasses to suit anyone. You can put his name on there, a joke, or even a picture which will make him laugh, the possibilities are endless.

A whiskey barrel

For the more crafty man in your family, you can go one step up on buying him a bottle of his favourite whiskey and instead buy him a barrel to age it in. You can find whiskey barrels for sale online and they can be used to age whiskey as well as wine to enhance the flavour and bring out some stunning deep oak notes. If your family member makes his own whiskey then this could be a great gift for him to add into his kit!

Good quality whiskey

There is nothing more simple for a man than buying him a bottle of great whiskey. Even if you buy him the same thing each year, you know that he will love and use it so what’s the problem? You can jazz things up a little bit by placing the whiskey into a hamper basket alongside some cheeses, glasses and chocolate. It can be an ultimate man’s hamper.

A whiskey tour

To spend some quality time with your dad or grandad on his birthday this year, you can book him a tour of a whiskey factory and then you can go for a whiskey tasting afterwards. Make sure you go for lunch beforehand to fill your stomachs and you can enjoy a really wonderful day together having fun. You can also think about staying over for the night and going out afterwards to the pub!

Metal cubes

One of the things you might not know if you don’t drink whiskey, is the fact that it can be annoying to have ice in the glass. Whiskey can taste amazing when it is ice cold, however when you add ice to the glass it can dilute the flavour and make it a lot more weak than it should be. To combat this you can buy steel cubes which you freeze alongside your regular ice cubes, and then when he comes to drink his whiskey he can place a couple of cubes into the glass to keep the drink ice cold without diluting the flavour at all. It’s a genius idea and it will make his whiskey tasting experience so much better!

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