Everything A Girl Needs In Her Summer Suitcase

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The season of hot scorching hot weather isn’t over just yet.  You might have a couple more holidays booked in a tropical location, or you could just be taking a weekend away. Perhaps you’re just heading into the city on a Friday summer evening. What you should you wear or rather, what should you pack if you’re heading away this season? Well, there are a few selections that we think you should definitely have in your summer wardrobe. Here are the best brightest choices you don’t want to miss.

Light Dress

If you’re heading to a tropical location on holiday, you definitely want to make sure that you have a light, summer dress packed in your suitcase. We mean light literally too. It should be made of a thin material that breathes beautifully and allows you to avoid any sweat marks when you’re dealing with temperatures close to thirty degrees.

There are lots of dresses like this to choose from, and you can be a little creative or incredibly bold. For instance, if you click here, you’ll see these type of dresses with everything from a subtle, sizzling red shade to a pineapple print. It all depends on your style and your own unique fashion. You can see a great example of a beautiful summer dress on this Insta:


Long Tee

Of course, another option for the summer style would be a long t-shirt. This can be worn as a dress with bare legs, or if you are feeling a little self-conscious, you can use white leggings with it too. Select a t-shirt with a bold print to grab attention and match it with a pair of sneakers for a cool, casual look perfect for a summer festival or a day in town shopping.

White Tee And Jeans

Another casual choice perfect for summer would be to opt for a plain, white tee. You might want to consider using a tee that gives you a slight midriff, with high waist jeans. Add some white sneakers for that awesome minimalist style that looks effortlessly chic. Make sure that you get some aviator glasses and let your hair down to look like a true rock and roll girl or even a summer model.

Tribal Dress

This is just an open example. Really, we’re just looking for a dress with a fun, bold, vibrant print that will stand out if you choose to attend a party or go out on the street. It doesn’t matter what choice you opt for here and there are plenty of different styles for you to choose from. Make sure you look at the market and find one that matches you perfectly.

Shorts And Shirt

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Finally, you can select a variation of shorts and shirt ensemble. Wear these with a pair of sandals, and you’ll be ready to explore the cities of Italy or wander around the canals of Venice. Use an actual shirt, and you’ll have more choices of how you can switch up this style such as tying the shirt to add a little midriff if you’re feeling confident in your body.

We hope you love these ideas and make the most of what’s left of the summer season.

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