The Holy Grail Of Performing Arts Is Theater

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It may be controversial in this day and age to say, but many people agree that in the world of performing arts, theater remains the king. Whether or not these people are in the majority who knows, but one thing is for sure, people haven’t stopped going to watch theater productions despite other forms of art declining. Art galleries are where some of the most modern art is displayed. Paintings, installations, videos and more can be experienced in many recognized art galleries. However, with the advent of the video sharing platform, all manner of arts can be experienced purely online. Even the sacred fountain of knowledge and history, the museum has recently seen a decrease in the number of people who walk through this institution’s doors. Although we can safely bet that one day the numbers for these forms of art will arise again, we can also safely say that theater has been consistent. 

We want something real


The bottom line is, we humans are sentimental. We crave things that are real because we know these things that have an impact on our lives are in the realm of our own reality. So we can watch all the Netflix and Amazon Prime we want, but it’s not something that we can reach out and touch. Real human emotion, hearing someone shout in anger and agony, listening to someone speak softly, witnessing someone cry with our own two eyes, right in front of us, is more powerful. In this aim, we need something tangible, things we know are happening in real-time. Therefore, live performance theater will never die out, in fact, it’s the only one left still standing strong.

What hits us hard?

Deep down in our hearts and minds, we are aware that life is difficult. Relationships, friendships, sorrows, woes and professional life ambitions are all things that incur pain at some point. We like to see struggle and triumph presented in front of us. It literally, gives us hope, even though we know it only to be a story. If you are such a person craving a tale of anguish to happiness, many recommend seeing Waitress at the Brooks Atkinson Theater. The lead character is called Jenna. She’s a waitress as you can tell by the title. She lives in a small town off the beaten road and unfortunately, she’s fallen out of love with her husband. She makes pies and she’s damn good at it. We follow her life and witness her trouble and strife. At the end of it, she finds out who she really is and what she really wants. She takes that step to follow her dreams and take all the hardship that comes along with it. This kind of performance and production is why theater still thrives. We want something like this to come true in our own lives. To live the way we want to, but have the courage to go through with it.

Dance and music are very widely recognized as the most expressive form of performing arts. However, they don’t hold a candle to live theater, where people in the audience feel the story in their bones.

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