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Healthy Eating When You’re Visiting A Fair

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Fairs tend to be a happy mixture of culinary excitement and nightmare. When you travel to attend a fair, you naturally reserve a couple of days to visit booths and attend conferences that attracted your interests. What you also do is spend a lot of time munching, from a stall to another or even in town during the evening. At the end of your stay, you can expect your clothes to feel unusually tight. It doesn’t quite matter whether you’re an avid fitness enthusiast or you’re simply the kind of person who appreciates good food in moderation. The truth is your health takes a tool during a fair or a festival.

Admittedly, it’s impossible to attend festive exhibitions without enjoying some of the delicious food that is available around you. The secret is to find a happy middle between the excitement of too much food indulgence and the boredom of a strict diet discipline. What is the best way to make the most of your visit without putting yourself at risk?

Exercising disciplined indulgence at the fair

Check your options ahead

First of all, there is no denying it: If you’re planning a visit to the fair, you should research your options before you go. Thankfully most fairs propose a list of exhibitors, which can be helpful to find some menu highlights. Additionally, you can also stumble across dedicated local websites, such as this one, that can provide you with an overview of what not to miss. If you accept that a fair is synonymous with yummy treats, knowing what to expect can help you to figure out what to skip and what you want to try. At the end of the day, you can’t eat everything. As food is likely to be high in calories, sugars, and fats, it’s essential that you limit yourself only to a few items. Planning ahead makes it easier to stick to manage your indulgence.

Can a rental be the solution?

Experience fair-goers suggests looking for rentals such as Airbnb if you’re staying for a few days. This option will allow you to control your diet outside of the fair, by preparing healthy lunch or dinner batches in advance, for instance. Use the time in the kitchen to make sure you can counterbalance the portions and vitamins. A vegetable stir-fry dish or salad can help you to maintain your intake in essential nutrients throughout the day. Besides, you’ll find a homemade salad a lighter option after a day at the fair!

Stay hydrated without the added sugars

It can be tempting when you on the go to grab a bottle of soda to keep yourself cool and cleanse your palate. Nevertheless, when visiting a fair, you need to be especially cautious about drinks with added sugar – find out more on When you are already consuming delicatessen which is likely to be the equivalent of a sugar bomb, it’s best to stick to water, green tea, and black coffee. Be careful not to fall into the trap of the sugar rush when your body gets used to high sugar intake!

While visiting a fair is exciting and liberating from your day-to-day routine, you need to show discipline to ensure that you keep your sweet and savory indulgence monitored at all times. Keep track of what you consume if you want to make the most of the fair without putting your blood sugar, your liver or even your digestive system at risk! Fun and yums in small doses are for the best.







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