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How often do you think about B vitamins?

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Unless you have a known deficiency, the answer to that question is almost certain to be: “never”. No one thinks about B vitamins – and that could be an error.

The vitamins in the B group are responsible for nerve health, mental agility, and many other systemic processes. Essentially, the B vitamins are vital – and many people are deficient, often without even realizing. A deficiency in B vitamins tend to fly under the radar, causing symptoms that are unpleasant, but mild enough not to warrant medical investigation. This is particularly worrying given that studies have found high levels of B vitamin deficiency in heart failure patients, and many medics suspect B12 deficiency in particular is linked to mental health issues such as depression.

Given the above, we can conclude that the B vitamins are important, and ensuring you have a sufficient intake in your diet is highly recommended. B vitamins are found in abundance in green leafy vegetables, but an oft-overlooked source of B vitamins is seafood. If you add any of the options below to your diet, then you can be sure of a great intake of B vitamins – and a truly delicious culinary experience…



Prawns are a fantastic source of B vitamins, and also make for a wonderful stand-in for meat in a lot of dishes. Rather neutral in taste in and of themselves, prawns can be pressed into service in curries, salads, or even on their own as a nutritious snack treat. King prawns are the tastiest of all, but smaller shrimp are also nutrient-dense and are a more affordable option if you’re trying to eat healthily on a budget.


Salmon is one of the healthiest foods you can eat. As well as being a rich source of B vitamins, it is also full of beneficial omega-3 acids, which play a crucial role in tissue and joint health. When cooking with salmon, use it as the ‘star’ of a meal – it doesn’t need particularly complex flavors added to it. Instead, combine it with simple additions such as rice and lemon juice for a delicious treat that also boosts your health in a variety of different ways.


A great source of B12 in particular, crab is a versatile ingredient that should become a particular favorite if you are a fan of Thai food. There are thousands of recipes out there, but this Thai-style crab curry is particularly fantastic, and the incredibly short cook time makes it a great choice for weekday evenings. 


Another B12-rich choice, scallops in the shell are a culinary delight that is a popular choice for dinner parties, though they also work well as a regular treat just for you. It’s also worth noting that a meal consisting of scallops doesn’t need to be over-complicated; they are a meal experience in and of themselves, so complex recipes simply aren’t required.

In conclusion

 If you add the above foods to your diet, then you can B assured of both a fantastic meal and a nutritious boost to your B vitamin intake – enjoy!


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