How to Add Pizzazz to Your Next Indoor Soiree

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You’ve probably been to dozens of parties in your life. Some will live in infamy while others were already a distant memory merely days later. If you’re throwing a shindig soon, you know which camp you want yours to fall into, but how can you make a big impression? It can be particularly challenging if you plan on throwing it during the cold weather months, as guests won’t be milling about outside. Need some party inspo? Read on for tips on how to add pizzazz to your upcoming indoor soiree.

Get the Competitive Juices Flowing

A game night is great, but you can have them on hand as an adjunct to your party and have it be just as fun. Allow guests to socialize while having things that they can play at their leisure. One thought is to break up the party every half hour with one of the “Minute to Win It” games. One might think these are just for the wee gamers and, while kids do love them, they can be just as fun for adults. One you might have seen on YouTube recently is the One Minute Starburst Challenge. Have each player put oven mitts on both hands and see who can open the most Starburst candies. If you’ve ever tried to get these open with gloves off, you can likely imagine how challenging and hilarious this can be.

Consider a Theme

There’s nothing that can make a party more festive than adding a theme, and they’re not just for Halloween either. From Create Your Own Superhero and pajama parties to a golf-themed gala and a zombie fest, the possibilities are seemingly endless … especially if your friends are into cosplay. If you want to leave it a bit more open and thus as easy or as complicated as friends want to make it, consider choosing a letter. Guests can come as anything they want that starts with that letter. It’s amazing how creative people can get with that one! Themes are not only fun for guests but the accompanying decorations also make for imaginative photos. Think about either hiring a photo booth company or create your own!

Mix Up Your Music Scene

Music is a must at any party, whether it subtly plays in the background or becomes more of a focal point with a dance floor. Go above and beyond by making an audio visualizer online to put on display with music. A visualizer can help you create geometric patterns that dance in time with the beats, making this a next-level party experience. If you’re proud of the presentation you create during your party, you can upload it for further editing and share it on sites like YouTube and Vimeo. As a boogie bonus, this is the perfect way to get people out on the dance floor.

Occupy the Kiddos

If you’re attempting to throw a party where both kids and adults can have a wonderful time, we highly suggest having something on hand to keep the kids busy. The previously mentioned games will be great, but you might also have an arts and crafts table. Have mugs they can paint their names on, coloring books, or any other artsy item you can think of to make them into mini-Monets. And let’s face it—this will also help keep them safely out of your hair!

Keep it simple, though, or this could have the opposite effect. As this Huffington Post article notes, “There are a lot of awesome ideas on Pinterest; however, you need to think about the reality of it. If you want to do face painting, an adult will need to be in charge, there will be a line of whiny kids impatiently waiting, and there will be requests for things that you probably won’t be able to draw.” Find something easy peasy for all involved.

Plan Your Food and Drinks Ahead of Time

Fantastic fare and creative cocktails make a party, but you don’t want to be slaving away in the kitchen as your guests are socializing. If you’ve got the means, have it catered. Or consider serving something that can be made ahead of time. Lasagna, enchiladas, or these Hawaiian Ham and Swiss sliders are great options. If you’re going to serve cocktails on top of beer and wine, mix something like sangria ahead of time and make it “serve yourself”. This way, everything tastes great but you’re able to enjoy the party as much as your guests.

An indoor soiree can be challenging to throw but follow these tips and yours will be one for the storybooks.

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