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How to Size a Rolex Watch Bracelet

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When you spend close to $20,000 for a watch, the last thing you want to do is send it back because the bracelet is too tight, or have it resized because it’s too long. To prevent having problems with a watch, make sure to buy the right size band when you order it.

Here are some tips for sizing the bracelet of a watch.

Where to Wear a Watch

Most people wear their watches on their left wrists because they are right-handed. It can be a nuisance using your dominant hand if a watch is on the same wrist.

However, which wrist a watch is worn is a personal preference, so whatever makes you feel most comfortable is correct. When wearing a dress watch, wear it just above the wrist bone.

With this placement, the watch is not going to be in your way while working and people will be able to see your good sense of style. The slight protrusion of the wrist bone will help keep a watch in place.

Measure Your Wrist

The only thing you’ll need to measure your wrist properly is a flexible measuring tape. Place the end of the tape at the notch on your wrist and wrap the tape around it until the other side meets the end of it.

Don’t wrap it too tightly around your wrist, but snuggly so the bracelet doesn’t hang too loosely. The average wrist size for a man is seven to eight inches in diameter, while the average wrist size for a woman is six to seven inches.

For a snug fit, add about ¼” to ½” to the measurement. If you want it a more comfortable fit, add ½” to 1” or 1’ to 1 ¼” for a looser fit.

Adjusting Bracelet Size

If you’re buying a watch online, it should have the diameter of it in the description. Remember, the diameter is the measurement of the bracelet, plus the height of the watch case. Many Rolex watches for women run from 26 mm in diameter to 39mm depending on the model of watch.

To get a precise fit with a Rolex bracelet, the clasp has holes from which to adjust the length of it. You can either adjust the bracelet, aka the watchband, yourself or take it to a reputable jeweler to adjust it for you.

Avoid Removing Links

Even though it is possible to remove bracelet links, it should be the last resort for fitting a Rolex properly. Try the clasp adjustments first, as it can adjust the diameter of the bracelet by half a link, making it longer or shorter.

The way you wear a Rolex is up to you. Some people like to wear them loosely, so they can slide them up their arm as their working or performing other tasks. However, since many people wear them when they dress for an evening out, they want their watch to be seen.

The best way to display a Rolex is to wear it on the wrist at the wrist bone to easily show off your good taste and style.


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