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Living To The Fullest With The Best Choice Of Coffee

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Fuel For The Mind

The modern world is fast-paced and not always conducive to rest. You’ve got to be strategic about how you live your life. When you wake up, when you go to bed, what you do on your weekends, how you spend time with friends, maintaining interpersonal relationships with family, spouses, and children—the list goes on!

Here’s the ideal: waking up at six in the morning, working out, having breakfast with he family, going to work, getting in before five, and accomplishing varying things until midnight, when you hit the sack and start all over. With proper diet and exercise, many adults north of their mid-twenties will benefit from such a schedule, flourishing in effectiveness.

Still, you need time off, and you’re not always going to get it. Emergencies happen, so do late nights, early mornings, and communal disasters. Companies go under, storms come. Domino-effect implications of such happenings even in diverse parts of our modern world ultimately come to impact us. We don’t always get the sleep or rest we need, but we still must be coherent and active.

There are a lot of ways to keep your mind and body energized throughout normal and extreme situations; one of the best things you can do is drink coffee. Certain other stimulants do exist; many are illegal, others are dangers. You want diabetes? Enjoy that Red Bull, Rockstar, Monster, or whatever sugar-filled energy drink you guzzle daily. Coffee is a better choice. It’s the most widely-used psychoactive in the world, and there are ways to maximize it in terms of taste, effect, and health.

Bulletproof Coffee

For example, have you heard of “bulletproof coffee”? This is a type of scientifically balanced coffee blend which includes…butter. Butter coffee is known to hit the body in a way which increases energy, and makes it so that you’re more healthy. Different ways of making coffee, and different kinds of coffee, will have different positive and negative impact.

There’s a deep rabbit hole to dive down here, but you may find the journey pleasurable. For example, you might find the 10 best drip coffee makers of 2018 — choose wisely — Home Grounds offers an extensive list that can help you narrow it down; but you don’t want to get a coffee maker you’re not willing to use. That’s just a waste!

Once you have a good coffee maker, your preferred method of preparation, and the kind of beans you like the most, your next step is to understand your own physical constitution enough to properly enjoy it. Coffee is psychoactive, caffeine naturally inhering to the brain and acting as an analgesic.

When you have coffee, your brain’s natural production of certain compounds is supplemented by caffeine. Accordingly, if you reduce your regular intake of caffeine, you’ll get a headache. Generally it won’t be too bad, but it’s going to irritate you for a few hours depending on how steep your caffeine habit has bee

Maturation Considerations

The older you get, the more sensitive you’ll have to be to this. Additionally, coffee acts as an antioxidant, meaning you’ll likely have a “movement” soon after you’ve had a cup. This is great to help your metabolism start functioning in the morning, and different brews as well as preparation methods will be more or less effective here.

That said, you need to balance out your diet so that you don’t incidentally deplete yourself of vital nutrients owing to this antioxidant reality. Additionally, you want to remain hydrated with water. Because of the antioxidant qualities of caffeine, and other features of its effect on your body through coffee, you can be dehydrated slightly if you have too much, and don’t round out your intake with water.

Also, you need to know how long a given brew will affect you. It’s no good to be up until three in the morning on a nightly basis because you had a cup at eleven. Know how long one cup of coffee will keep you alert. For most people, it’s about two hours. If you have too much caffeine in that time, you’ll come down in a slight crash only buffered by either physical activity stimulating your mind, or more coffee.

The Fullest Pleasure Per Cup

There are several ideal times to have coffee during the day so that you don’t undermine your health. In the morning with your breakfast, once or twice during the work day as that initial cup wears off, and perhaps one after supper—just don’t drink a cup later than ten; or whenever your cutoff is.

If you use the right kind of beans, the right kind of preparation equipment, the right sort of brewing construct (bulletproof coffee butter-coffee, espresso, latte, frappe, cappuccino, etc.), and ingest coffee at the right time, it can perfectly augment your energy as you need it. Ideally, you could function without any stimulants—but the real world isn’t so convenient. Coffee is a safe, and properly used, healthy, way of filling the gap such that you can live to the fullest.



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