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Do you feel like your style is a bit too frumpy or old-fashioned? You think you know what’s fashionable but then it turns out that everyone has moved on without you. If you feel like you need to make your outfits more modern, it doesn’t take much to make a difference. You can start dressing more snappily in no time at all by buying a few new things or even just changing how you wear your existing clothes. If you want to make your outfits more modern, take a look at these tips for creating more contemporary looks.

Give Your Outfits Shape

Do your outfits have enough shape? If everything is a little baggy, loose or shapeless, it can make you look frumpy or older than your years. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to give your outfits structure and shape. Start by trying out different layers and different shapes to see how it alters your outfit. A loose dress might start off looking baggy, but a tailored jacket over the top can immediately change it. Adding a belt can also help you to create more shape and emphasize your waist. While loose clothes have their place, you need to make sure you wear them in the right way.

Shop Boutiques

The best way to buy more modern clothes is often to avoid the large chain stores. Boutique stores are more likely to have contemporary, stylish items that are more on trend. At the Filly Flair Boutique, you can find dresses, shirts, cardigans and more in lots of colors and styles. If you want to explore even more, take a look at boutique options from around the world. It will give you an insight into how fashionable people are dressing everywhere and what’s at the cutting edge of fashion.

Try Different Portions

Playing around with different portions is a good way to create more modern outfits. There aren’t necessarily any rules that you have to follow, though. Just see what works by trying out different combinations. Instead of structuring your outfit in big blocks, try breaking it into smaller parts. For example, instead of a sweater that reaches your hips, layer a cropped sweater over a longer top. Swap tights for thigh-high socks or long boots. There are lots of things that you can discover with a little bit of experimentation.

Be Careful with Vintage and Retro Trends

There are always lots of vintage and retro trends that you can try out, from the ’50s to the ’90s. But before you dive head-first into any of them, consider whether you can pull them off without looking too out of date. You should make sure that you update the trends of the past and mix them with more modern styles – unless you’re going to a costume party or you’re comfortable being a bit quirky. If you’re not sure whether you can pull it off, it might better to steer clear of vintage vibes.

If you think your style needs an update, start by playing with your existing clothes. You could do a lot with what you already have.

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