Millennial Men Are Falling In Love With The Male Model Makeover

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We live in a society where looks matter, no matter what we’re doing or who we are. We are wired to like attractive people, and view them as more competent than those who are not attractive. Being good looking can get you a date, get you more friends, and even get you a higher salary. Of course, people who have good looks also get the added perk of more confidence to go along with it.

For years, women have been able to improve their appearance without anyone taking much note. Now, men are starting to catch up through the use of plastic surgery. In recent years, the male plastic surgery market has started to explode. Men across the country have started to look into a variety of different procedures, including face lifts, liposuction, and skin removal surgery.

Many of these procedures are pretty obvious choices, but one in particular has seen a shockingly high growth rate. This procedure is called the Male Model Makeover, and it’s one of the very few procedures focused on male aesthetics.

Using fillers, surgeons add volume to areas of a man’s face to accentuate masculine features while downplaying flaws. The entire process is customized to the patient’s needs, and surprisingly, takes only 10 minutes to do. No sedatives are needed and no downtime is required. For people who want to see an immediate change in their face, it’s a godsend.

Dr. Steinbrech, the surgeon who invented the Male Model Makeover, has been really shocked to see how quickly the requests for this procedure grew. Within the last year alone, there’s been a 100% increase, with rave reviews being the lead way men get referred.

It’s safe to say that the effect Dr. Steinbrech has had improved the lives of many men. Men love what they see when they have the Male Model Makeover, and if you ask us, that’s a beautiful thing.

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