Moving to a New Place Painlessly

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The thought of moving to a new home or area is an amazing feeling. It’s time to move on, start a new life and strive for the best!

Unfortunately, when reality hits and you finally realize how much of a logistical nightmare packing, moving, and unpacking can be, all those exciting thoughts can quickly disappear.

Here are some tips and tricks you can apply to make moving a slightly less painful experience!                                                                                                                          Image by s


1.Create a checklist on what’s necessary, and what are the things that have no sentimental value to you that you can give away (or sell). When moving in to a new place, you really don’t want to bring in unnecessary clutter from the previous house.

2.  You can save a lot of money by asking for cardboard boxes from nearby stores. They would usually give them away for free! Do recycle those boxes once you’re done with them.

3.  If you have a lot of things to move, doing it alone, or even with a few friends can take a lot of time and energy. Services like Serenity Movers in NYC can save you a lot of time (and back pain!) as they have professional movers to pick your stuff up, store them, and delivered to your new place for reasonable fees.

4.  If you’re moving to a new place because of work, it’s a good idea to keep those receipts! You can deduct a lot of your moving expenses if you move more than 50 miles. Check out this article to learn more!


1.Here’s a useful tip: Clean your stuff as your pack!  Is that old wall clock dusty? Clean it before it goes in the box. Most likely, you’ll be tired once you get to your destination, and cleaning everything when you unpack would be the last thing on your mind.

2.  Pack your boxes according to rooms! This seems logical, but many first-time movers get too excited and end up mixing kitchen and office appliances together. This wastes a lot of time as you sort your new living space out and further stresses you.

3.  Pack a vacation bag filled with the items you’ll need for the first few days. You’ll most probably unpack slowly over a span of a few days, depending on how big your new home is.

So, toiletries and clothes should be kept in a bag that’s different/unique from the rest so that you have easy access.

4.  Save money on bubble wrap by using bed linen, towels, clothes, and even floor mats as bedding and wrapping for fragile items.

They work just as well, and when you unpack you’ll have less mess to deal with.

6.  This may be pretty obvious, but always place the heavy items on the bottom and the lighter ones on top.

There we have it. Pretty simple, huh? Most of the stress that comes with moving can easily be taken out with proper planning and budgeting measures. You can read up on many more useful tips before you move to a new house in this article.




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