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Smart & Casual: Pulling Off The Dreaded Office Style

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The office isn’t a place that you would necessarily equate with style, but if you are spending one-third of your life in this location, then surely it makes sense for you to evoke a little bit of style at least? Now, the big issue with workplace fashion is that there isn’t much to choose from in terms of variety. And as the workplace is becoming more increasingly casual, but there are still many places that enforce a strict dress code. If this is your workplace, how can you provide some style, but still fit the requirements?

Fit Is The Golden Rule

Above all else, you have to purchase clothes that fit you properly. When people go for style, or they only have the finances to buy one quality item of clothing, they will go for the names brand, especially via cheap retail outlets online. Regardless of the dress code, it’s all about sizing yourself correctly. There is nothing worse than an ill-fitting item of clothing, especially the trousers. When in the summer months, people can make various fashion faux pas, especially with more casual items like khakis. But, have a look at Bills khakis online and see what you can do with this casual approach, but still lean on the right side of smart.

Start With Clothes That Can Be Mixed And Matched

Providing yourself with a small collection of clothes that can fit well with other items is essential. Look at it as a blank canvas in which to add style and substance. The best way to begin is to choose items of clothing that lend themselves easily with other items. From there, you can focus on style and texture. By slowly building up your closet of some basic staples, you can then add layers of texture and color, but staying on the bright side of the strict office dress code.

If You Have To Choose One Expensive Item Of Clothing…

It has to be the jacket. What you wear on the top half of your body can cover up a multitude of sins, especially if you are struggling to keep up with the times, or you don’t have the finances to invest in a full wardrobe. The tailored jacket doesn’t just compliment your contours, but it works in every season. You can go for a blazer, either a classic navy style, or if you want to maximize your tweed it’s very chic right now.

Other Ways To Increase Your Smart Style

Never underestimate the power of a good hairstyle, especially if you are looking for ways to over compromise when you are lacking in that all important item of clothing. On the other hand, when you have built up a steady wardrobe, it’s time to draw some more attention to yourself. Shoes are a great way to do this, and suede, or even winkle pickers are a great way to straddle the business casual, but if you are met with a few eyebrow raises, Chelsea boots will provide that style in a conventional looking shoe.

The office environment is somewhere that doesn’t have to scream beige and bland, but instead, you can take this opportunity to play with the right style, and you never know, you may find that right balance of smart and casual that you can take outside of the office.

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