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The Subtle Authority Of A Clark Kent Style

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We all had a favorite superhero growing up. They possessed that came out in their personality that drew us to them. For many of us who liked Batman, it was his dark demeanor, his ability to not only hide who the really was during the daytime but find his rage for vengeance when the time called for it. For Spiderman, it was merely the ability to traverse through the city skyline and be free among the millions of cohabitants we shared the streets with. Many of us who loved Superman were captivated by his powers to be strong and of course fly anywhere the wanted. However, it was something else about this hero that lead us to want to know more about him. Like many people who are just too afraid to admit it, the lived a double life. Much like Bruce Wayne except without the image of millionaire, Clark Kent was the average man that camouflaged among the workforce of a typical company. The way the dressed was smart, casual but with confidence to look square. Only if you looked more closely could you see his geeky image was with a hint of subtle authority. Nowadays the styles may have changed for men but one can still pull this style off of blending into the crowd but possessing an aura of bullish masculinity.

The clean jean

The older more mature version of superman that was portrayed in the early years may have been a standard suit and tie man, but things have changed. Back then, when computers were just coming into fashion, but typewriters were still the norm, Clark Kent was the usual grey suit kind of man, that you couldn’t pick out from a crowd if you tried. It was overly mundane, to exude the fact that the was a perhaps more than ordinary man during the day. However modern portrayals of Mr. Kent such as in Smallville, and in the three blockbuster Hollywood movies since the turn of the decade, shows a more casual but still subtle man.

The boot cut navy blue jeans are the look the modern confident man wears to work. This would be someone in their late 20s or at any time in their 30s, as this is the generation of the modern working man. Any older and the may be inclined to wear loose fitting beige trousers that hang on by a dull brown belt. Not something that really commands a subtle sense of authority. The jeans can be stretchy and in fact, that’s the recommended choice. The jeans shouldn’t be baggy, but neither should they be skinny. Baggy makes you look older, but skinny jeans are for the youth not the recently matured man. Therefore if you wear jeans that stretch with your quads and calves, you still get a strong silhouette of your legs but they don’t exacerbate any lines too much.

A smart torso

Whatever happened to the smart-casual style of fashion for men? It’s seems to have vanished from the fore of the fashion world and designers seem to be mainly focused on the newer styles only. Instead of bettering this once tried and trusted style, men’s fashion has unfortunately paid too much attention to what is going on in metropolitan cities. Namely, what we’re seeing is the era of the streetwear and urban fashion for men taking over the mature and smart styles. Thankfully however the casual yet smart styles haven’t been totally abandoned. There are still pieces, specifically in tops that you can wear as part of a modern outfit.

The long sleeve t-shirt and or casual jumper has lingered in the background so much that a slightly revamped design has taken hold. The subtle muscular complimentary style has come to the fore. There should not be confused with slim fit tops, as slim fit is focussed on the V-shape taper of a man’s frame. However, the muscle long sleeve is purely to exude a figure of a man that keeps himself in shape. Yet thankfully, jumpers as well, have remained in subtle shades and are not overly tight in the parts where a man’s physique is most notable, such as the shoulders and waist. However, if you do want to command a low-flying authority, this top is great to show off your arms and upper chest. Worn with jeans and even trousers, this kind of top is great for summer. The materials you can get these tops in is two-fold as it’s recommended to stick to cotton or synthetic fibers. Wool is simply too thick and may distort the aim of the style due to expansion when it rains or due to sweat, and water is absorbed into the material.

The best disguise

The best piece of fashion Clark Kent has at his disposal is a good pair of glasses. We all know that is his signature disguise, it’s subtle, makes him look ordinary but with a hint of cool confidence lurking just beneath the surface. For the modern man who does indeed need glasses but doesn’t want to buy the generic options from off the shelf at his local opticians, he needs a selection that has both utility and style. Some of the best eyeglasses you can buy online are from SmartBuyGlasses according to that detailed and length review. However, it does go into various brands and stores, and takes into account an almost endless list of reasons for why different styles may match your desires. Warby Parker has the best selection of brands, so if you are more fashion conscious then spreading your wings over that website is something one would recommend.

The style that Clark Kent is known for is thick frames and a dull black shade. The shape of the lenses is square and together with the thickness makes for a geeky kind of look. Which is exactly his choice as wants to go unnoticed. In fact he wants people to disregard him, if the glasses he wears were to attract attention to his eyes and facial structure, this could potentially cause him to have his identity revealed or figured out. This just isn’t the case in the modern style, as today we can say that the only way you blend into the crowd is to have modern styles. If you wear thick frames and chunky lenses, you’re the one that looks the odd one out, causing more attention to come your way; thus breaking the subtle aim of your style.

Solid grey

 The lower part of your outfit may not be important to you for a number of reasons. However, it does still play a role that is more or less of completing your look altogether. The socks that you wear do this for you. The typical plain white is a choice many people make but it adds a popular spike in color that some don’t want. In this case you can stick with the dark shades that will be contrasting the shades of your jeans. Preferably a solid grey would do just fine, but even a burgundy or brown would be good to maintain a certain tone of your overall outfit.

Clark Kent is the man that is somewhat alone. His old school image of being a bit of geek and ordinary nerd has changed. Nowadays you can remain a calm and assertive man, while confidently wearing clothes that command a silent authority in your style. The jeans and jumper combination has gone through the tests and still works. Being able to confidently mix these two is the mark of the modern strong subtle choice of outfit.


















































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