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Which Areas Of Liverpool Are The Best For Student Property Investment?

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The resurgence and regained prominence of Liverpool has been something of a fairy tale. Both before and after the city’s Capital Of Culture 2008 year investment has flowed freely into the city, taking it to new, unprecedented heights. Immense regeneration projects have wrested the city from its post-industrial slump and into one of the leading lights of the Northern Powerhouse.

As a result, the city has become an exciting and profitable hotspot for property investment and one of the top five cities in the UK for student properties. Liverpool’s bolstered economy has brought a wealth of jobs to the city and with it a slew of young professionals and graduates who are enticed by the untapped potential and prospects within one of the world’s most famous cities.

Liverpool’s Student Numbers Mean Great Returns For Investors

The University of Liverpool and other higher education institutions such as Liverpool John Moores and Liverpool Hope have played a key part in this renaissance. Liverpool now boasts just under 70,000 enrolled students who want high-quality accommodation in well-connected areas.

Consequently, student property in Liverpool is a commodity with amazing potential. Property investors looking to make inroads into Liverpool’s student property market will be encouraged by low costs and high yields. Investors can expect to make yields between 6% to 8% and with student numbers climbing year on year the demand will always be there for your property.

Properties such as ones owned by property investment specialists RW Invest are snapped up and sold out by investors keen to get in on the ground floor of a city that is only ever going to grow.

Which Areas In Liverpool Are Best To Invest In?

Liverpool is very much the sum of its parts. While the city centre boasts beautiful sights, affordable living and a plethora of bars, restaurants and entertainment, the suburban areas are also packed with great investment opportunities.


Toxteth, and surrounding areas such as Dingle and the city’s famous Georgian Quarter, have benefited greatly from focussed regeneration projects. A great number of the area’s old Victorian housing has been torn down and replaced with brand new developments, attracting new residents and new money.

For students, Toxteth offers ease of access to the city centre either on foot or by myriad transport links. For investors the area provides low prices and yields of up to 8%. With further regeneration and building planned, and more and more students seeing the area as an attractive and affordable proposition, there is a lot going for Toxteth that any property investor would love to be a part of.


The regeneration and rejuvenation of Kensington has been one of Liverpool’s greatest success stories. The L7 postcode has pulled itself back from the brink after years of neglect and a depressed local economy. Now, it stands as one of the most attractive up-and-coming areas outside of the city centre.

Also encompassing Edge Hill and Fairfield, Kensington and the L7 area, much like Toxteth, offers low prices for student property investors with yields that in some cases hit 9%. The L7 area pulls in a large number of international students who are traditionally more affluent than their British counterparts.

Liverpool City Centre

It goes without saying that Liverpool’s city centre is an enticing proposition for students and property investors, but the facts underneath the surface present an ever more appealing case.

House prices in the area, the L1 postcode, have risen beyond expectation in the last few years. But even with a 40% increase these prices are still below the national average. Such high-quality accommodation that is in constant demand is an opportunity that cannot be ignored by student property investors.

With a slew of regeneration projects planned to the tune of hundreds of millions of pounds, prices and yields can only grow in their wake. The Liverpool Waters project is the biggest regeneration since the 2012 London Olympics. Making your move into student property investment now in this area will pay huge dividends for years to come.

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