Why Wellness Will Always Beat Out Weight When It Comes To Health

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When you want to be healthy, you’ll often step on the scales. When you’re feeling a bit sluggish and you know that you’ve been indulging a little lately, then you know that you have to take a look at the damage at some point. But why is it that we always reach for the scales to tell us how healthy we are? It tends to be a preconditioned response! When actually, it doesn’t have to be your weight that you try to control when you want to be healthy. Instead, you should be looking at wellness. Wellness is all about how you feel in yourself – about your mind and body being in harmony. And this is often a better indicator of health what the scales! So let’s take a look at why.

  1. How You Feel Matters The Most

Think about it. When you’re feeling unhealthy – it’s exactly that. You actually feel it. And that’s what wellness is all about too. You could stand on the scales at any size or no matter how healthy you feel, and you can get a mixed response. Because weight really is subjective. But wellness is a clear indicator of how healthy you are in yourself. So when you’re feeling tired, unmotivated, depressed, or anything else, it’s a clear indicator that something is up!  Katie from Civilized Health agreed “Health isn’t just in your size its in your mind and through a balanced diet!”

  1. There’s More To Your Health Than Your Body Size

More often than not, we consider body size to be an indicator of health too. If you’re overweight, then you’re unhealthy and if you’re skinny, then you’re healthy. While obesity does have health issues linked to it, if you’re not obese but not as thin as you’d like to be, you could still be incredibly health. In fact, if you’re doing crazy diets to try and lose weight, you may find that it actually makes you unhealthier than you were originally!

  1. Energy Beats Out Body Shape

At the same time, you may also find that you scrutinize your body shape more than anything else. Again, this does not signify health at all. Instead, you should to considering your energy levels. If you want to feel great and work on your health, then you should look to boost your energy. When you can do this, you will start to feel incredibly and your body will thank you for it too.

  1. Health Comes In All Shapes And Sizes

And remember, your health covers a lot of different things. Your weight and body shape should be the least of your worries. With things like immune diseases, incontinence, and even muscle and bone problems, you definitely need to be thinking beyond the scales to take care of your body. It’s easy to focus on just that one area, but when you’re focusing on wellness instead, you may notice what’s really going on with your body.

  1. Health Is Holistic

Last but not least, following on from the previous point, health really isn’t just about one thing. It’s all everything! So you shouldn’t just be looking at the scales to determine how healthy you are. Instead, you need to attack this from all angles. And that’s what wellness does. You should be focusing on nurturing your body, on feeling great, on feeling strong mentally – happy and content too. When you can nail your health mentally, physically, and emotionally, you will find that you are in a much better position all round.



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