4 Fun Ideas for Your Next Weekend Away

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When you have a busy work schedule and lots of family commitments, weekend breaks become a true luxury that everyone looks forward to. Sometimes, finding the best way to spend your weekend break can be tricky, especially if you are hoping to try something you haven’t done before. Many people choose to take advantage of cheap flights an spend a few nights in a new destination, while others may be more comfortable having a weekend trip somewhere local. In any case, there are some great ideas out there which can help you create a fun trip, which will also give you some amazing memories.

City breaks

With European hot spots like Paris and Prague dotted across the continent, it is no wonder people find themselves drawn to visiting a new city. In fact, one of the easiest options for many people is visiting the bustling capital of London. With an unrivalled buzz and some exciting activities on offer, you can experience the best of a city break when you visit. To make your trip the best it can be, you should take the time to visit all major landmarks and museums. Even better is if you sit down to watch a famous West End production, by finding London cheap theatre tickets before you go.

Luxury spas

With most people working busy day jobs, any opportunity to relax in a spa should be welcomed. Luckily, many spas in the UK are part of a larger hotel, meaning you can take a few nights out to fully unwind in your serene surroundings. While some of these spas are in dedicated city locations, you can find most of them hidden away in the countryside. Here, you can spend your days exploring extravagant manor grounds and playing golf, before heading to the spa for an evening massage and a glass of wine.


Spa retreats are not the only way you can enjoy the rolling countryside. In fact, camping gives you the best chance to explore mountain settings, lakeside spots and peaceful forest havens. This is usually the most popular choice among nature lovers, but more and more people are turning to it as a way of switching off from the busy outside world. With glamping options and romantic scenery becoming more common, you can enjoy a dose of decadence on your next weekend in nature.

Beach retreats

The UK is not known for its good weather. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of the fresh sea air by spending your next weekend away at a beach resort. Sometimes, sea views and charming towns are all you need to recharge. With colourful cities like Brighton and surfer’s hubs like Devon, there are countless locations for you to choose from. When you are there, you should fill your stomach with warm, sugary doughnuts and traditional fish and chips, before heading back to your bed and breakfast. In the summer months, you may even get the chance to go swimming in the sea.

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