5 DIY Cannabis Gift Ideas for Your Stoner Partner

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Everyone knows that the best gifts are ones that really show the receiver that you know and care about them. Gifts related to their interests and hobbies are a great idea. However, what do you do if your partner’s biggest passion is weed?

Luckily, there are a lot of cool things you can gift the stoner in your life. From homemade bongs to detox kits, the possibilities are endless! Here are some great ideas for DIY gifts that your cannabis-loving partner will love but won’t break the bank.

Custom Bongs

Buying a bong can be pricey, but do you know that it’s actually possible to make one? Not only is it cheaper, but you can also make it more personal. For example, if your partner is a big fan of a certain food or beverage, you can probably make a bong out of the container. Aluminum cans and plastic bottles are great options.

The first thing you need is a chamber, which is where the container comes in. You’ll need to make a hole, around one-eighth of an inch in diameter, near the bottom of the container and a smaller hole near the middle of the container to allow air to get out. Then insert a tube and wrap it in tape to make it airtight. At the top of the tube, add a glass bowl.

Creating a homemade bong can be tricky, but there are a lot of tutorials out there. Try doing a quick internet search or checking out YouTube if you need help. It may take some time, but with a little effort, you’re sure to make something awesome!

Marijuana Pesto

We’ve all heard of pot brownies, which are a delicious way to enjoy cannabis. However, there are lots of other ways to include weed in yummy foods. One option that makes a great gift is marijuana pesto. Seal it up in a nice mason jar for the best effect!

To make it, you’ll need two cups of cannabis olive oil, one teaspoon of salt, two cups of garlic, two cups of basil, parmesan cheese, and pine nuts. All you need to do are to place the ingredients in a blender and grind them up into a thick sauce. The amounts of each ingredient can be tweaked to suit your taste.

Cannabis Lotion

There are lots of ways to use cannabis that don’t involve smoking. Many people find topical cannabis solutions to be extremely helpful for body pain. Putting together a homemade cannabis salve is a great gift idea for your stoner friend.

To make it, you’ll need one cup of cannabis oil, one ounce of beeswax, and one ounce of refined shea butter. Start by making a double boiler using two pots. Put the cannabis oil in the smaller pot, and bring it to a simmer. Stir in the beeswax until it’s completely melted, then add the shea butter. When everything is dissolved, pour it into a nice container, and let it solidify.

Custom Stash Container

For a partner who enjoys cannabis, another great DIY gift option is a nice place to store their stash. This is a relatively easy gift to make and can be personalized for the individual. The supplies for this can be found at any craft store.

Two possibilities for containers are wooden boxes and mason jars. You can buy unfinished boxes and jars at a craft store and use paint, cloth, stickers, glitter, or anything else you can think of to make it personal for your partner. This is a great gift idea to show your creativity and create something truly personalized.

Detox Drink Kit

As much as your partner may love weed, there are going to be times when having THC in their system won’t be a great idea. For example, if they have a big job interview coming up, they may need to purge the cannabis quickly. There are lots of detox products out there that do a great job of cleansing the system, but home remedies can also be helpful.

To make a gift that will help your partner detox, put together a basket containing apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, ground ginger, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper. These are all great ingredients to include in a detox drink, so gifting your partner these ingredients could be very helpful. You could also print a detox drink recipe on nice paper and include it in the basket.


With recent efforts to make marijuana legal, it’s only going to become more and more popular. It’s also going to become easier to get. Gathering ideas for incorporating it into gifts will help you for many holidays and birthdays to come!

This list focuses on DIY gift ideas, but there are plenty of other options out there if you don’t want to put in this much effort. There are lots of online shops that sell cannabis products. Do a little research, and you’ll come up with some great ideas!


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