5 Tasks You Really Need To Stop Putting Off

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Procrastination can be an unhealthy habit, causing us to delay important tasks until it’s too late. As daunting as these job may seem now, the longer you leave them the worse they will become. Here are just five tasks that you need to stop putting off.

Visiting the doctor/dentist for that check-up

Are you ignoring that toothache or strange lump in the hope that it will go away? If it’s getting worse, you could be endangering your health by delaying a visit to the doctor/dentist. Many tooth infection could be cured early with antibiotics, but may involve root canal treatment or tooth removal if left too long. Meanwhile, letting a small lump grow could be lethal if it is indeed cancerous. There could even be times when a check-up is worthwhile, even if there aren’t any visible signs, as is often the case with women’s health such as screening for breast cancer. Men meanwhile can benefit from check-ups too (men are often most guilty of delaying visits to the doctors, letting a harmless and easily treatable problem evolve into something serious).

Getting those repairs done on your car/home

Are you letting that crack in your bedroom wall grow or are you ignoring that strange engine noise in your car? As with ignoring medical problems, early signs of damage in your home or car could be repaired easily and cheaply if spotted early. If you let them get worse, the damage could be so great that it requires drastic repairs. The damage could even reach dangerous levels in some cases – the ceiling could cave in or your car engine could set on fire!

Decluttering your home

When it comes to organisational tasks, decluttering is often one of those tasks we all put off. However, letting all that stuff build up could be making it a more arduous task in the long run. Whether it’s an attic full of belongings or a wardrobe full of clothes, consider taking on the task of decluttering now. You may be able to sell a few belongings and make some extra cash, as well as clearing up space helping your home to feel more spacious and orderly.

Chasing that dream career

Many of us have dream careers in mind that we keep telling ourselves we’ll peruse one day. Perhaps you need to get an education first or perhaps you have plans to start your own business but feel you don’t have the time? Whatever the case, now could be the time to start following that dream career rather than slogging away at your current job. You may need to make certain sacrifices or juggle other commitments, but it could be worth it in the long run if it’s a job that is certain to bring you happiness. Leave it too late and you may not have the energy to pour into that career any longer.

Getting your finances together

 Have you got growing numbers of debts or do you keep putting off starting that savings account? Putting off the task of sorting out one’s finances is another way in which many of us procrastinate, sometimes leading to financial disaster in the long run. Letting debts accumulate could result in debt collection services getting involved or could damage your credit score beyond repair, whilst not saving up could stop you from ever affording that dream purchase or could leave you with no money to dip into in an emergency. Make it a mission to sort out your finances this month (you could even consider hiring a financial advisor to help you).





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