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7 Best Travel Jobs to Make Money Traveling in 2018

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If you have always had the dream of getting a job that travels with you, there is no other time in history than in the 21st century. We live in a world where inter-connectivity is the order. Moving from one corner of the world to the other is an easy affair that has little hassles. If you are an avid traveler, the ideal profession is one that allows you to move freely without any restrictions. The good news is that there are many such occupations in 2018. The following are the best travel jobs to make money while traveling.

1. Digital Marketing

As a digital marketer, your primary work will be to team up with brands and companies that sell consumer products and services. Your main work will comprise of marketing these brands or services through the online platforms that you are comfortable with. Digital marketers are also some of the best-paid people in the tech world. To get into this occupation though, you will need to train yourself on how internet marketing works and probably start a small venture.

2. Professional Blogging

Blogging in 2018 involves creating content for an enthusiastic audience. As a blogger, you have various options available to you. You can do traditional blogging – which involves creating text content, or you can do video and picture blogging. The bottom line is that you will have the freedom to travel as you blog and also get paid for it.

3. Forex Trading

A forex trader has the freedom of doing their work professionally from anywhere. Forex trading is one of those occupations that allow you to check your work while on a flight. Just like many other professions in 2018, trading currencies has moved online and this has given traders the flexibility to work from anywhere. The rise of powerful portable devices that are capable of doing forex trading work has also made this profession truly independent of the formal work setting.

4. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is also a well-paying profession for those who love to travel. As a writer, you get different topics to choose from. You can thus get into this profession if you have a particular passion that drives you. Freelance writing is also a profession that is fueled purely by new technology. Considering the level of advancement in the tech world, not much capital is needed to venture into this occupation. With just a few devices, you can get into freelance writing and travel the world as you work.

5. Tourism Product Developer

Recent statistics have shown that the past decade has had the biggest number of travelers in history. People travel the world to explore it and to experience different cultures. It is thus a great time to be a tourism product developer as your work will involve discovering new places and sharing them with an audience. Traveling is thus an intrinsic part of this job and the rewards are also very decent. You can choose to be employed with a tour company or just venture into the business with a small capital.

6. Virtual Assistant

The increasingly digital world has led to the creation of many new jobs. One of the jobs that are getting traction in recent years is the provision of virtual services. Virtual assistants are basically managers who manage various aspects of work on behalf of a businessperson. As a virtual assistant, you can do your job from anywhere in the world. The pay rates are also admirable since you are free to choose your employer. Virtual assistants do a wide range of things including:

  • Social media management
  • Email and communication management
  • Bookkeeping, ghostwriting and data entry

7. Graphic Design

Finally, graphic design is another travel job that can give you a great income in 2018. Graphic designers are assigned various projects that involve the use of images. Graphic design is also now a digital profession that involves the creation of concepts and visualization of these concepts using computers. Your physical presence is thus not required for you to do your job. There are many online platforms that allow graphic designers to post their credentials and get clients. You can also start a website of your own and connect with an audience that is seeking graphic design services.

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