Animatronic Dinosaurs As Props In Movies

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Animatronic dinosaurs are the closest we have to the real thing today. Of course, we all know that dinosaurs are a living truth of the past. Now, they are merely around us in terms of films, stories, and books. Animatronic dinosaurs are the multi-dimensioned models that help us to bring these dinosaurs to life and learn about them. These models are often used in museums, as well as in movies. We are going to take a look at them as props in movies in further detail below…

Did you know the Jurassic Park dinosaur model sold for £100,000?

If you are looking for an animatronic T-rex for sale, you may want to stay away from those that have been used in the Jurassic Park film. Ten full-sized dinosaur models from the 1993 film were sold in a £100,000 auction. The models feature the massive head of a Tyrannosaurus Rex – the one that caused havoc in the theme park, eating humans and monsters alike. The question is, who has room for a model like this in their home?

More advanced models than ever before

When you consider the advancements in technology that have been made in recent years, it is of no surprise that these models are becoming more and more impressive and advanced than ever before. An animatronic dinosaur that is made today will be extremely vivid and very flexible, looking more and more like the real thing.

Animatronic dinosaurs in the movies

Nowadays, real animals are widely used in movies. Of course, their welfare is considered and there are stringent regulations in place. But when it comes to something that is now extinct, the filming process becomes a lot more difficult, naturally. Filmmakers have had to come up with unique ways to make their films feel real, and this is why animatronic dinosaurs play a massive role.

Needless to say, there are many different dinosaur films that have been created over the years, but the Jurassic Park series is the most famous. It is also a record breaker in terms of animatronic dinosaurs. A lot of people have praised Jurassic World for the use of animatronic dinosaurs, deeming it necessary and commenting on how much value it added to the film. Not only this, but Jurassic World 2 is going to have the most animatronic dinosaurs used since Jurassic Park.

Hopefully, you now feel like you have a better understanding about animatronic dinosaurs. As you can see, these models are truly impressive, used in some of the world’s most famous films. They are arguably the closest thing we have to moving dinosaurs today. The way in which they have been expertly crafted to look like the real thing is amazingly impressive. Plus, you can even buy these models if you want to.


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