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Business Travel Style Guide for Men

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As a businessman, you no doubt know how vital it is to land a solid first impression. A big part in making sure you do this is by adorning suitable attire. Of course, most might chuckle gleefully at the prospect of a business trip, but it’s no holiday. It’s a serious affair, and in result demands a serious dress sense too!

There are many ways in which you can shop for online clothing, and it’s quite easy to bag that perfect outfit for you in a logistical sense. Still, the question is more ‘what to buy’ than ‘how to buy’. Consequently, here are some business travel style tips for you to use.

Raincoats and Umbrellas

Any meeting that requires travel is obviously incredibly important, and formal clothes are needed. A suit will only suffice a small stretch of the way, as you’ll need more than this to get the job done to perfection. Depending on the weather conditions of your visit, a few additional items of clothing or accessories may be advised.

First check the weather forecast for the area you’ll be visiting and plan, and dress, accordingly. If there’s rain, dress for the occasion to combat this weather, as you don’t want to be traipsing through the reception in a painfully uncool cagoule. Consider taking a snazzy umbrella too for some extra sophistication; it will all show you’ve used your brain before arriving and that you’re happy to keep yourself dry and stylish.

Leather Bags

It might sound harsh, but rucksacks and backpacks are mostly for children, awkward dads or brave hikers. There’s not a single style point to be found in a rucksack for any budding businessman, so your look needs to be slightly more refined in this area. You’re travelling, and you want to make it look easy, so appearing nimble is key.

A leather bag strapped over your shoulder will work well here. It’ll rest comfortably at your side, can be slipped on and off at moment’s notice instead of being heavily plonked down on the floor, and won’t need to be lugged around from any kind of handle for the duration of your trip. Put simply, a leather bag is far more efficient and stylish than heaving around a small house on your back!

Angle for Accessories

The workplace generally has quite a mundane, standard dress code. White shirts, black shoes, plain ties, etcetera. It’s understandable uniform but very uninspired, but business travel affords more leeway for creativity. It’s more of a social affair and thus more judgemental, so there’s some wiggle room here in how you dress to come across as more likeable.

A slightly starker appearance can work wonders for your business on a trip. For example, flashier watches can go a long way in subtly showing your success, and some high-end glasses might just add an extra bit of wow factor too. In any event, sometimes the smaller accessories are just that little bit of nuance you need to pull off a great first impression on a business trip!

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