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Keeping your car clean inside and out can feel like a never-ending job. The grime of the roads and food crumbs and may pet hairs and all make it feel like a thankless job. There are ways to help make it easier though so that you do not have to spend quite so much time making your car look pristine.

Car Mats

Car floor mats will help to keep the floors of your car clean as they can be easily lifted out and given a shake. This makes it much simpler than trying to clean the carpets on your car floor.

Cola For Bugs

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Bugs tend to build up on your windscreen, and particularly in hotter weather, will become very difficult to remove. Put some cola on a damp cloth and wipe your windscreen clean without any difficulty. It will not only get rid of the bugs but also any dirt and grime that has accumulated and is starting to block your view. Just rinse afterward with warm water for a perfectly clean and clear windscreen.

Nooks And Crannies

The nooks and crannies, such as between the seats and between seats and the center console, can get lots of bits stuck in them that you cannot quite reach. You first of all need to spray an all-purpose cleaner into them, and leave that to do its work for just a few minutes. Then you need something fine and long, maybe a knife handle or a wooden spoon, which you wrap a damp cloth around. Run this along the areas you are having trouble reaching, and all the bits will stick to it and come out easily.

A Toothbrush Can Help

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If your car seats have stains or dried liquids, sprinkle them with a little baking soda and water. Scrub them with a toothbrush and wipe away any residue. This will soon remove any stains from the inside of your car.

Keeping a pack of baby wipes in the car can be useful so that if any spillages do happen, you can wipe them up straight away.

Balloons For Pet Fur

The simplest way to get rid of pet fur from the inside of your car is to blow up a balloon and roll it over the seats and wherever else the fur has got. The static electricity makes the pet fur stick to the balloon, and it is much easier than trying to brush it away.

Dirt And Mud On The Outside

Dirt and mud builds up on the outside of card far too quickly, but can be removed without too much of a problem. Sprinkle some cream of tartar onto the grime, and wash it off with some warm soapy water. Then rinse with clear water for a sparking outside to your car.

Keeping Your Car Clean

When your car is your pride and joy you want to keep it looking clean and in good condition all the time. You can help this to happen on the inside by not letting the mess occur in the first place. In your cup holders have plastic cups for small things that need to be kept and keep a bag for rubbish in the back.

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