Essentials To Rock Your Glamping TripEssentials To Rock Your Glamping Trip

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Glamping is a glamourized camping experience combined with amenities that is quite the opposite to a traditional camping set up. It is were raw nature recreation meets luxurious comfort. The term glamping was recently recognized by the Oxford English Dictionary in 2016 but the idea of comfortable tent-living was recorded to as far as the 16th century.

The perfect arrangement for when you can’t leave the comfort of civilization but still want to bask in the moonlight and twinkling stars. According to a report, every year an additional 1 million US family starts camping since 2014. Camping is on the rise with Millennials as the major driving force for the increase. Growing up with technology like the internet, the availability of technology encourages them to stay longer in the camping ground.

You may be scheduled for a glamping trip this weekend, and is currently planning to make things awesome for everyone. But how do you rock a glamping trip? What are the tips to make a camping trip as glamorous as it can be?


After choosing a gorgeous campsite, you need to set up your tent. Choosing a quality tent makes huge difference in comfort and atmosphere. It needs to be stable and strong. You are going to live here for a number of days so it is important that s durable enough to withstand the outdoor environment. Complement your tent with some fairy lights to add some mood and make it look magical. You can also light your path with tent stake lights or LED garden lights to your tent to avoid trespassing on others. Buy a solar powered light to avoid heavily relying on electric wires which can be messy.


One major activity in camping is cooking and eating. The feast brings everyone together after some outdoor activity. Bring large plastic tub to make food storage as organized as possible. Carry lightweight pot and pan and quality outdoor burner stove for easy cooking. Bring enamel tableware for a touch of elegance while eating in the camp. If you have enough room in your pocket, it is a good idea to invest to on a compact foldable kitchen. It is easy to set up in the camp, adds additional storage and allows space for eating. Bring wine to make your dinner under the stars fancier.


It won’t be glamping if you did not infuse any sort of style, glamour and fashion into this outdoor activity. Do not be afraid to wear fashionable clothes when glamping. Just make sure they are made of quality material to protect you from the outdoor environment and comfortable enough to make you feel good. Your clothing style depends on the place you will be camping. For example, if you are going camping in the dessert then wear something that will keep you cool in the morning and warm at night.


Indulge in your sleeping needs and choose optimum comfort when it comes to bedding. Do not hesitate to avail soft luxurious duvet, pillow, and blanket. There is no such thing as too much throw pillow. I would suggest bring a little piece of home to make you feel homier in bed time. Buy an inflatable mattress or bed. It is also a good idea to invest on CO2 and fire alarm monitors to give you a sense of security while sleeping in the wilderness.

First Aid

Accidents can happen anytime and chances are higher in a rugged, raw and activity full environment like a campsite. It is important to be ready for any emergency and bring a first aid kit with you. Place on in your hiking bag and one in your base camp. You first aid kit may include waterproof plaster, rehydration sachets, medicine tablets, wipes, rubbing alcohol, bug repellent, and a muscle rub.


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