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Excellent Excuses to Host a Party

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Are you the kind of person that loves to host a party? Maybe you want to host an event but it is a long way away from any of the more ‘traditional’ times of the year to do it. Don’t let this stop you! All you need is the right excuse to host a shindig. And luckily for you, we have come up with a few of them right here so that you can get your friends together for an event that will last long in the memory.

House Warming Anniversary

Everyone accepts a housewarming as being a perfectly good reason for a get-together, but why not celebrate your 1st, 5th, or 10th year of living in your house or apartment with gifts and appies? It may be that a few of your friends haven’t seen the place since the housewarming and you can show them around any of the improvements that you have made to it. Display a few photos of the fun times that you have had there already as perfect conversation-starters.

“I Got a Raise” Party

Something positive happening at work is the perfect reason to celebrate. So, if you have just got a raise, a promotion or you have just completed a major project, now is the time to bust out the balloons and start celebrating! You could make this party a particularly lavish one complete with champagne and caviar to celebrate your newfound wealth!

Half-Year Celebration

You celebrate your birthday at the same time every year, and let’s face it, this can get a little boring. So, if you are used to only being able to have an indoor party as your birthday is in December, it is time to switch things up to enjoy your half-year party in June! Take a look at this Katy Perry Costume as a perfect summery outfit choice. On the flip side, you may be sick of people always being away on holiday during your summer birthday, so now is the time to host a winter event instead.

New Connections Party

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Sometimes, you need a few new people in your life. So, draw up a guest list of some of your best friends and ask them each to bring along someone else that you have never met before. Plan some games which are going to help you all out in getting to know each other better. Once the drinks start flowing, you could find that you have some new best friends in no time at all!

Clothes Swap Party

You could do two things at once by having a party and getting a new wardrobe at the same time! Ask your friends to bring along some clothes that they are happy to part with and you do the same. This could also work with all manner of other things, and stops the waste from simply throwing objects away.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons for you to host a party, so what are you waiting for?!

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